Thursday, April 24, 2008


First Baptist Church of Eldorado* (el-doree-do), buses used to remove, FLDS 'Sect'--'Polygamist Compound' children and mothers, on suspicions of "child abuse".
During Texas child welfare officials' intrusion.

Girls removed from Texas "polygamist compound".

After Texas Child Welfare authorities' intervention:

Foster Care will have achieved the American Dream in these young women. "Truly liberated female persons".

* Not only has the State of Texas violated these mothers' and children's constitutional rights: of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; They have also violated the Unreasonable Search and Seisure "V Amendment", by using the Texas authorities (Religious Persecution) to intrude on, and take these families captive without any tangible evidence, or reason. Another infringement was when they used "First Baptist Church" buses (Separation of Church and State) to arbitrarily transport the families away from their community.

Nobody's children are safe from the 'know-all' government!
Parents beware, your sons or daughters could be taken away from you, too.

This episode is an ugly reminder that it is not just China that treats its citizens with disdain. But, America also commits atrocities on those that are least able to defend themselves from oppression and persecution.

Is this what they refer to as the New Word Order?
Where what is proper and decent are decided by the government?


I can see that the Constitution is really just a piece of paper, and it's about to be shredded!