Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"So Much In Common" (WCC & SDA)

Note this is an excerpt from an article:

Early Ecumenical Aspirations—Part 1
Is there really anything wrong with ecumenism?
By Neil Livingston

So Much In Common

In 1973, Bert Beverly Beach (later secretary of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department of the General Confer­ence) coauthored a book with Lukas Vischer, Secretary of the World Council of Churches. The title of the book was, So Much In Com­mon, the subtitle, "Between the World Council of Churches and the Seventh?day Adventist Church.” The book was published by the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland, in 1973. The title of the book alone tells the story, "So Much In Common, Between the Seventh?day Adventist Church and the World Council of Churches." What do Seventh?day Adventists have in common with the World Council of Churches? How did Adventists ever come to the place where they thought they had something in common with the great assembly of the churches of Babylon, the harlot daughters of Rome?

In 1977, Bert Beach was President of the Northern Europe?West Africa Division of the Seventh?day Adventist Church. At that time Beach was also serving as Secretary of the World Confessional Families, the theological branch of the World Council of Churches. On May 18, 1977, as Secretary of the World Confessional Families, meeting in Rome, Italy, Beach presented a medallion to Pope Paul VI. (See Religious News Service (RNS), Foreign Service, May 19, 1977; W.D. Eva, Adventist Review, "Book, Medallion Presented to Pope," August 11, 1977, page 23).



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