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Mind Control - NLP

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In Brave New World it was called sleep conditioning headed by the College of Emotional Engineering (Department of Writing) Where they'd come of with axioms to best subdue & control their populations. Example - (Ending is better then mending), (everyone belongs to everyone else).

By the way our country is a republic not a democracy. Big difference. Not that it matters Satan is prince of it all, & we know from the scriptures the world is going to get worse & worse regardless of what kind of political paradigm we are seduced into thinking will save us.

Muammar Gaddafi articles

Coca-cola ditches white festive can

NLP neuro linguistic programming
Everyone on the planet knows what cococola is, yet cocoacola they still spends billions on advertising, commercials, and billboards. why?
If you are not familiar with NLP here are some reasons to become familiar
Elite Politicians & Corporations spend billions on focus groups to find out what images & words resonate best with their targeted audience, IE you.
Could the false prophets the bible warns against do the same thing, knowingly or unknowingly?
Examples -- Killing babies by sucking out their brain is NLPed into Pro Choice, who doesn't like Pro it's positive who is against Choice combined it leaves a very positive impression & repeated routinely leaves a positive imprint in the target audiences mind.
Instead of physical restraint holds it's nlped into therapeutic benefit value holds

This next one will be less accepted & pushing the enevople -- Research it for yourself

Instead of Publically murdering a regime that won't do what the elite coroporations want, it's NLPed into spreading democracy
Humans are conditioned to trust those in authority or the haves,
It's why corroptations loby for the haves to be the face of their product or cause
Elvis Presley was an outsider growing up and he wasn't very popular in school.
Elivis' manager, the former carnie, Colonel Tom Parker knew a trick or two and changed all that. Colonel Tom Parker would go into a town they were going to play, looking for young girls at soda polars etc.. Tom would offer them money to come scream the upcoming show Elvis would be having in their town. After a while he no longer had to pay girls to do this, because girls copied what they heard other girls were doing in previous towns. from the radio, word of mouth etc..

In short
They spend the Billions because they must think it works.

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