Friday, January 25, 2013

The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

Day Star

September, 1998

by Larry Wilson

Unfortunately, many Christians scorn the study of Bible prophecy. In other words, they do not appreciate or value the study of Bible prophecy and consider it a complete waste of time. How sad that so many people maintain a wrong spirit about this subject and regard Bible prophecy as though it were an unnecessary element included in the Bible. Through the years, many people have said to me: Understanding Bible prophecy is not essential to my salvation. The only issue that is important to my salvation is my relationship with Jesus. This incomplete statement condemns those who defend it simply because people cannot have a meaningful relationship with a God they do not understand. What I mean is that prophecy uniquely reveals the plans, purposes and ways of God. Our relationship with Jesus will lack a meaningful perspective if we do not understand His corporate plans, His role as man’s High Priest, His dramatic end-time rescue, and how He plans to extend the good news of salvation to every person on Earth. To say that we love Jesus, yet refuse to understand all that He has done and is going to do in the future is a surface-type relationship that lacks depth. Few people consider that the first advent and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary was also a fulfillment of prophecy!

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