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Mega-Mosquitoes Set To Invade Central Florida

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Mega-Mosquitoes Set To Invade Central Florida - 20 Times The Size Of Normal Bug?!

Andre Heath

Published on Mar 7, 2013

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March 07, 2013 - UNITED STATES - Mega mosquitoes known as gallinippers could invade Central Florida this summer as flood waters from tropical storms force the larvae to hatch this hurricane season.

Entomologists at the University of Florida say the mosquitoes are 20 times the size of a typical mosquito, about the size of a quarter.

Super-sized: Scientist says mega-mosquitoes also known as gallinippers, left, could be common in central Florida this summer. They can be 20 times bigger than typical Asian tiger mosquitoes.

They also pack a painful bite, according to UF entomologist Phil Kaufman. He calls the species "notoriously aggressive."

The best way to protect against these super-sized mosquitoes is to wear bug spray with DEET and cover up as best as possible.

Gallinippers were spotted last year in Florida after Tropical Storm Debbie doused the state, but scientists predict they'll make an appearance again this summer.

According to Kaufman and his team one good thing about these mosquitoes is that they aren't known to carry any viruses that could be harmful to humans.

Still people who enjoy the outdoors are not looking forward to the insects.

"That kind of makes the summer not that exciting. I'm not looking forward to that anymore," said Stephanie McNatt.

The CELESTIAL Convergence |http://thecelestialconvergence.blogsp...

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