Sunday, May 19, 2013


 as revealed by their own sources

Infiltration and Global Networking

There is in particular two aspects that we notice the Jesuits will emphasize to achieve "greater cooperation and effectiveness."

1) Infiltration [Twining] (D21, 448)

2) Global Networking (D21, 446)

The Jesuits emphasize that they need close cooperation among themselves to reach their goals. By creating networks between individuals and institutions, they can gather information which they can then forward to other levels of society. They also emphasize this point in regard to their work to promote inter-religious dialogues. In this area they will divide the work into two groups of responsibility: the ones who participate in the dialogues, and those who forward the outcome of the dialogues to those in the Jesuit Order that are involved in other parts of the work. (D5, 148)

But the networking is also taking place on other levels. Especially mentioned is "Networkings in university departments, research centers, school papers, and in regional defense groups. The potential is also present to achieve cooperation by and through international troops, organizations that are not under government rule, and other newer organizations of men and women that are favorably inclined. The initiative and support for these different forms of networkings should come from all parts of society..." (D5, 446)


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