Thursday, June 20, 2013

How do Churches become Babylon?

However, the `little horn' grown strong and powerful does it not alone, it has daughter churches which grew out of it. So we ask, which churches grew out of the papal system? Well, history shows that certain Protestant churches grew out of it. They had some differences with the system in Rome, but also some similarities and so they tended to talk to each other to see if their common ground would lead them back together; for a long time it did not, but right in our days it did. The Protestant denominations heads agreed with the head in Rome to work together to save their tottering and failing church memberships, to not lose their jobs and get paid. The most telling common ground is that they both believe Sunday is now the holy day to keep and that the souls of men go to heaven at death. War, oppression, conformity to the world, religious formalism, the worship of mammon, the pursuit of pleasure, and the maintenance of very many errors of the mother church, identify with sad and faithful accuracy the great body of Protestant churches as aligned in agreement with the great Babylonian system. Both in their history engaged in persecuting those who they labeled to be heretics. All religions which do that exhibit the spirit of the dark power which dwells in their heart, for the Bible does not allow man to do violence to their fellow man who happens to disagree with them (Luke 3:14; Ex. 20:13), for God's true church on earth is a chaste, pure virgin, 2.Corinthians 11:2. The church which is joined in friendship with the world, is called in the Bible a harlot. It is this unlawful connection with the kings of the earth that constitutes her to be the great harlot of the Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse), Rev. chapter 17. That is why the Jewish Church, at first was married to the Lord God (Jeremiah 2:3; 31:32), and became then a harlot (Ezekiel 16). When this Jewish Church apostatized (fell away) from God, it was called Sodom (Isaiah 1), just as "the great city" (Babylon) is so called in Revelation chapter 11. This unlawful union with the world of which Babylon is guilty, is positive proof that it is not the civil power that persecutes others on account of religious views, but governments persecute only when led to it on account of religion. That people who claim to be Christians belong to such world/church mixed bodies, shows that she is professedly a religious body, but their heart is not at one with the Lord God. Churches are to lead people to Christ only, not to play politics. For these reasons, it is very evident that the Babylon of our apocalyptic days is theprofessed church united with the world, and that Babylon is fallen.


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