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Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás will travel to Colombia

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Vol. XVII, n. 16, 22 July 2013

Father General

Appointments of Father Generale in July and August:

Trip to Brazil. Father General arrived in Recife on 11 July, where he gave a conference at the Universidad Católica de Pernambuco and visited the Brazilian Interprovincial Juniorate. He then moved to Salvador, where he met with the Jesuits of the North-Eastern Brazil Province. On Sunday, 14 July, he "sent out on mission" the 2,500 young people from 50 countries who are participating in the Magis pastoral experience in preparation for World Youth Day. On 16 July, Father General travelled to Porto Alegre and São Leopoldo, where he spoke at the UNISINOS University and met with the Jesuits of the Southern Brazil Province. On 19 July, he left Brazil for Rome.

Trip to Lebanon. Father General will be in Beirut, Lebanon, from 2 to 4 August 2013. He will participate in the General Assembly of World Christian Life Community (CLC). Around 200 delegates (both lay and Jesuit) from 65 different countries will attend the Assembly. The theme of the Assembly is From Our Roots to the Frontiers. This theme holds an invitation for delegates to deepen their Christian and Ignatian identity and to respond positively to today's challenges. In his sharing with delegates, Father General will speak about the importance and challenges of Ignatian Spirituality for the Laity.

Visit to Colombia and Ecuador. On August 10 Father General Adolfo Nicolás will travel to Colombia to visit the Province of Colombia and take part in the 8th World Congress of Alumni of the Society. During his stay in the Colombian Province from August 11 to 14, he will go to the cities of Cartagena, Bogotá and Medellín. On August 15 he will participate in the Alumni Congress to be held at the Colegio San Ignacio de Medellín, and on August 16, he will travel to Ecuador for the visit to that Province. On August 17 and 18, he will remain in the city of Quito and on August 19 and 20 will visit the city of Guayaquil. He returns to Rome on August 21. In both Colombia and Ecuador, Father General will have several meetings with Jesuits, with students from our schools, with apostolic collaborators and friends and benefactors of the Society. His trip includes meetings with the Apostolic Nuncio of each country and with the Archbishops of each of the cities visited.

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