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CONFERENCE on Work-free Sundays and Decent Work

Conference on Work-free Sundays and Decent Work


on Work-free Sundays and Decent Work

Tuesday 21 January 2014 at the EU Parliament (Brussels)

The objective of this conference is to highlight the paramount importance a work-free Sunday and decent working hours for citizens throughout Europe and is not necessarily to be set against economic competitiveness. All people in the European Union should be entitled to benefit from work-free Sundays and decent working hours.
For a couple of years now, the socio-economic crisis has been overshadowing European Union policy making. The situation in many Member States is critical: political instability is increasing and social balances are at risk. Europe is facing many challenges such as demographic change, unemployment especially among young people, poverty and social exclusion. Austerity, further liberalisation and flexibility are very often seen as key solutions for getting out of the crisis. Social protection and social rights seem to be put aside. However, employment and the creation of jobs and economic competitiveness in Europe are the main requirements for overcoming the crisis. But what kind of jobs do we need in Europe? Can competitiveness and decent work and a common weekly rest day go hand in hand, and under what conditions? We believe: Competitiveness needs innovation, innovation needs creativity and creativity needs recreation!

2013 is the European Year of Citizens. Sunday protection strengthens the social cohesion of our societies. It therefore represents a precious achievement which should be recognised as a pillar of the European Social and Economic Model. We believe that today, legislation and practices in place at the EU and Member State levels need to be more protective of the health, safety, dignity of everyone and should more attentively promote the balance between family and private life and work.

The Members of Parliament Evelyn Regner (S&D) and Thomas Mann (EPP)


The European Sunday Alliance
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The Second European Conference on the Protection of a Work-free Sunday and Decent Work


What can the Members of the European Parliament do to promote the idea?

Date: Tuesday 21 January 2013

Time: 9:00 to 17:15

Venue: European Parliament, Brussels, Room PHS 7C050

  1. 1st SESSION: Decent work and work-free Sundays in times of crisis
  2. 2nd SESSION: Balancing family and private life and work - towards a happy and healthy life
  3. 3rd SESSION: How a work-free Sunday enables citizens´ participation and voluntary engagement


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Conference on Work-free Sundays and Decent Work 21.01.2014,


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