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The Secret Terrorists - Bill Hughes on Wayward Son Radio

The Secret Terrorists - Bill Hughes on Wayward Son Radio mp4

the jesuits' jungle

Published on May 26, 2013

Author and Pastor Bill Hughes discusses world politics and biblical history with John at Wayward Son Radio on Blogtalk.
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The Secret Terrorists.
A secret terrorist organization has been working from within for a very long time to destroy the United States, it's Constitution, as well as all other "popular governments". This book will open your eyes to history as they have never been opened before.

The Jesuits of Rome can be very secretive, yet their hand can be felt in the Federal Reserve Bank, the CFR, the sinking of the Titanic, and the destruction at Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma Federal building bombing, and the attack we now call "911". The objective is foment terror by causing one emergency after another, as our lawmakers transfer more and more power to the government, eroding our precious civil liberties granted in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you would like to know what the Vietnam war was really about, this author will provide you with the motives behind it. If you enjoyed the books Rulers Of Evil, Secret History of the Jesuits, and Unseen Hand, this book will bring everything into sharper focus; so much so, you will want to loan this book to your closest friends and family -- while you still can.

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