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Saints and Social Justice, A Guide to Changing the World by Brandon Vogt

Written by 4virtu Team on July 21, 2014

Brandon Vogt is sounding a call for readers to become Saints and take real action to change the world. In his book, Saints and Social Justice, A Guide to Changing the World, Vogt gives real world examples of people practicing Catholic Social Teaching. He also demonstrates how the lives of the Saints can be lived in our daily lives.

For each of the Church’s teachings on social justice, Vogt chose two saints whose lives highlighted a particular principle.
The most important of the Church’s social teachings is belief in the dignity of the human person, which Vogt called “the first and most fundamental principle.”
“We believe that, for instance, it’s wrong to kill an unborn child, or an elderly person constrained to a wheelchair, because every person has inviolable dignity that was a result of them being created in the image and likeness of God,” he said.
“It’s that principle that drives everything that Catholics do to help the world whereas non-believers really don’t have a basis in the same way that religious people do, especially Catholics.”

Vogt chose Saints such as Mother Teresa and St. Peter Claver to highlight the principles. He is also donating all of the proceeds to the book to Catholic Charities.

Read the interview with Brandon Vogt at Catholic News Agency

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