Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Greg Evensen: Cops Confirm Worst! Russian Spetsnaz In America, Foreign Govts Blending In!

Sunday, June 1, 2014 7:42

(Before It's News)

Expert, whistleblower Greg Evensen joins the Gianluca Zanna radio show to talk about the unfolding US police state, confirmation received from State Troopers of Russian spetsnaz in America at the request of FEMA and confirmation of foreign governments agents from around the world BLENDING INTO our own government so that when the final transition to a world government is made, it will be made seamlessly.

The first 8:30 of this video are an introduction of Greg followed by news on the unfolding dictatorship in America and the govts preparation for war upon Americans. The conversation shifts to the Russians ALREADY HERE in America after the 8:30 mark as Greg shares with us what the NWO has planned as this next stage of the ‘New World Order’ unfolds.



P.S. I am a pacifist and I do not promote the use of firearms whatsoever; Yet, I post this to provide this information for an educational purpose.

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