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Why the Russkies will WIN over CHINA in Coming N.A. Invasion

Posted on May 8, 2014

The flag of Moscow, in the Russian Federation, is a dark red banner of arms charged as the arms of the city in the center.

It displays Saint George wearing armor and a blue cape with a golden lance in his right hand riding on a silver horse.

He is shown stabbing a dragon with the lance.

The legend in which the flag came from originated in the Golden Book.


Moscow, Russia is located on the 55th degree latitude North.

Beijing, China is located on the 39th degree latitude North.

Both cities are the national capitols of the two world super powers about to invade and carve up the UNITED STATES and CANADA.

The globalists just had their coven’s birthday on May 1st, the year being 1776, Bavaria (Germany).

That’s 24+100+100+14 years to prepare for WW3.

The American prophet ALBERT PIKE writing for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, one spider thread of the world wide web of Luciferian deception, wrote in the early 1870s that they, the global coven of Satan worshippers would stage three world wars.

There are THIRTEEN global BLOODLINES of the Illuminati (that’s the Illumined Ones, as in being human worshippers of the Angel of Shining Light, Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, the Serpent or the Dragon).

Only one is Asian, that’s the Li (Chinese) family; all the rest are white, Aryan in origin.

So the globalists as Satanists stage their events that are to bring the masses to their knees under a one world government and one world religion (Satanism) using numerology, astrology and the tenets of Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Nordic mythology.

That’s why Russia’s capitol has good vibrations in terms of the globalists’ voodoo,—-it is on the 55th parallel because 5 is the Illuminati’s sacred number and equates to DEATH.

The Washington Monument (the big ----) measures 555 feet and 5 inches.

Five 11s is very significant in terms of the Baphomet Goat god’s horns (duo).

Beijing’s location has potent evil MOJO on it because it is located on the 39th parallel or a trio of 13s.

Thirteen truly is a BAD LUCK number in terms of Christians (it means rebellion against God) and that’s why the globalists staged WW2 to start in the 39th year of the 20th century which equates to a TRIO or trinity of 13s which means HIGH rebellion against the Creator God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ.

If you google for an image of the flag of Beijing, one just gets copies of the red five star flag of China.

However one unique posting had a kind of stick man symbol which hosted the AZURE DRAGON OF THE EAST in its midriff.

So to get more realistic in my discussion about the dynamics of the coming WW3 theatre to be played out in North America SOON, the prophets of doom are close to right but not quite.

China apparently owns most of the American national debt but really this fact is fiction based on the global BANKSTER POKER GAME since the globalists created in 1913 the U.S. Federal Reserve which is neither federal nor is it a reserve but it is a cabal of pirates of the seven seas,—the undercover KNIGHTS TEMPLAR.

Remember watching the globalists-staged, e-Mein-Kampf, 2004 movie NATIONAL TREASURY?

The U.S. Federal Reserve is the big RAPIST of the finances of the American sheople to date.

So if THEY want to give China the hard asset resources of the United States of America, I guess that’s what it will appear to be.

The Chinese however in the ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS of KING ARTHUR COVEN CONTROL game, they do NOT factor in, when it comes to owning the occult COLUMBIA (the name the globalists call the United States).

The British lords and ladies of this Round Table in the 1800s financially RAPED the vastly rich in human and hard asset resources, CHINA via the OPIUM WARS.

It was a game of deception and manipulation and the British Dalmatian (note the black spots on the white coat which is synonymous to double cross) won against the Asian fox.

They even had double agent drug pushers planted in their famous British Protestant CHINA INLAND MISSION efforts to China in the 1800s.

There was a reason the Chinese murdered white missionaries in the Boxer Revolution of 1900.

Remember the way the globalists TAVISTOCK-programmed the New World populations was by getting control of the political, religious, educational, commercial, media/social-networking/entertainment, military and medical systems BEFORE the 20th century.

And so these rich bankster globalists bought up the publishing houses and the media companies and made sure that their LIES laced with some truth was taught in the schools and universities of Canada and the United States along with having major influence on the news, hence on the coffee shop talk.

It is called LAUNDERING HISTORY AND SCIENCE to the masses, the dumb ass masses or the gentiles, or the cattle or the profane to the elitists.

And I won’t make this a discussion about the rogue Jewish Zionists and those dam JESUITS.

They are all one and the same—they are Lucifer worshippers.

And according to Luciferian tradition it is all about LYING to the sheople and infiltrating them and SPYING on them.

That’s why must of the whistleblowers who get BIG on the net or in the media are generally CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

They are the ones placed in the mind control games, to decoy the best and the brightest of the minds of the RESISTANCE.

But I am an independent thinker and I call it as I see it or as I am being given to see it.

The Zionists/Jesuits/Black Nobility or basically the globalist Satanists with the money & power staged for Russia to NOT become a first world power which would have happened based on her vast fossil fuel resources in the early 20th century and hence she was forced to become the beta test of the get RED COMMUNIST experiment.

Now it is North America’s turn to become the last and the greatest RED COMMUNIST state of earth’s history.

We SOON will become the most severe POLICE STATE/military putsch and untermenschen-extermination REGION in the world here in North America.

The Jesuits already have Catholic MEXICO under communist control and based on the lucrative cocaine and heroin trafficking rings there, involving the Middle East and Asian GOLDEN TRIANGLES and Colombia’s cocaine fields,—it is also a Satanic ritual abuse killing zone—lots of beheadings as a beta test for the United States of America.

China thinks she will gain easy control of the U.S. and Canada—but this is only a rouse—the British Dalmatian Cruella DeVille Queen Bitch has her tail in the air and the coital pheromones will lead the Chinese rats (to her) on the sinking ship titled COLUMBIA Mayflower to walk the plank into a watery grave.


Russia is the jewel of the white Aryan globalists since it appears the true father of Russia’s father Vladimir PUTIN, is actually British Prince Philip.

And Queenie wants her THIRTEEN COLONIES back under King Arthur who is modern day PRINCE WILLIAM (b. June 21st, 1982, induced to be born on the summer solstice) and whose biological father is PRINCE PHILIP as well.

And historically Asian Communists have NOT gotten along with the WHITE RUSSIAN Communists—BUT will only be used by the Russians to gain power over Canada and the United States.

Then they will follow their 1984 e-Mein Kampf movie plot RED DAWN—they will nuke China’s mega cities and China’s newly gained hold on the NEW WORLD will be broken.

TREASON is the only essence of the globalists and the politicians of the countries they want to de-nationalize for the sake of their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT experiment are all treasonous pawns in this great end time chess board war game.

Do NOT trust your governments—they already have sold you THE CITIZENS to the gulags, to the FEMA medical experiment camps, and to be sacrificed to the devil in bloody beheading rituals in the village squares.

A Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn(b. 1918) who was my Russia-born father’s age peer but his junior by five years, warned the baby boomers of North America about their fate in his book, The Gulag Archipelago (“The Soul and Barbed Wire”).

The above pic shows Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Aleksandr Isayevich[a] Solzhenitsyn (/slʒəˈntsɨn/;[1]Russian: Алекса́ндр Иса́евич Солжени́цын, pronounced [ɐlʲɪˈksandr ɪˈsaɪvʲɪt͡ɕ səlʐɨˈnʲit͡sɨn]; 11 December 1918 – 3 August 2008)[2] was a Russian novelist, historian, and critic of Soviet totalitarianism.

The socialist programming under British Tavistock CHANGE AGENTS who flooded Canada by the early 1900s (they were sent into the U.S. too but being a republic her truly Christian citizens resisted the programming significantly) have been successful TO DATE in creating a excellent communist model and the KINDER of generations X, Y and Z (still babies as of the 2014) are arrogantly disrespectful by and large of GOOD GODLY AUTHORITY in their lives—especially of aging parents and relatives.

They will betray wholesale their baby boomer grandparents and parents into the gulags and if they create a pre-industrial age in N.A. for a time—the new age computer generation will NOT survive where as their post-WWII relatives could have and KEPT THEM ALIVE TOO—but these pioneer bloodlines have been removed to the prison camps.

As to Canada where I write from—this nation is CURSED—it is already like Stalinistic Russia—there is no due process or justice or righteousness left in the legal/political leadership systems and the masses have learnt to pay bribes and tell lies to carry on with their perked life styles while blatantly ignoring the plight of the disenfranchised among them.

And some are the intelligentsia—like myself—assigned to house arrest in their religious communities where they go to church on Sunday but on Saturday, in some bush children by night are being raped, tortured and sacrificed to Satan.

The level of lawlessness in this north country under the spell of the wicked Queen of Naria is so great that Putin should be welcomed for he will be like a SAINT GEORGE riding his Cossack Steed, if they come through Russia-annexed ALASKA and through West Canada where I blog from,—on the way into northwestern Amerika.

Remember the flag of Moscow where Saint George is riding a white horse and dressed in a knight’s armor and his lance has pierced the dragon’s mouth which the warhorse is trampling under foot.

My elite Dutch bloodline father was born in 1913 May 2nd, about 60 miles north/north-east of the CRIMEA, which was then RUSSIA and it is very possible that his true biological father was Tzar Nicolas Romanov II.

This was the MOLOTCHNA area and it was about 1000 km south/south-west of MOSCOW; in the summer of 1912 the tsar was away from the city and travelling about in his country.

They called the boy baby with Danish blue eyes like the Tsar’s eyes, GEORGE.

Not unlike what Prince Will and Lady Kate, called their first born son to break the matrix,—GEORGE.

Our British Queen who just turned 88 on the ritual date of April 21, 2014, has ordered our national postal service for years what she wants for images on our Canadian stamps—and there have been many pictures of her as our dictator Queen (we are a constitutional monarchy with the emphasis on the latter).

In fact, her face has dominated our stamps from coast to coast for years.

And the other very dominating images for the past decade or so, have been the CHINESE Zodiac year of….images.

In 2013, we had to put up with entering any little postal outlet in the country with huge posters of Chinese serpents—that is huge green and red SNAKES because the British Queen was using Canadian stamps to honor the Chinese year of the snake.

In 2012, Canada Post put out stamps in honor of the Chinese YEAR OF THE DRAGON, which is Chinese astrology.

So how Christian is this Head of the Church of England Queen anyway?

It appears she is more Chinese than Canadian in her efforts to screw with Chinese ritual in this way using Canadian tax payer dollars.

It is like I can smell the pheromones of a snake but a snake in alarm and this should be YOU China—don’t trust the British, no matter how many stamps of deceitful honor they print off for you in our country.

In the summer of 1978, I was a naturalist at a provincial park in Western Canada and a large, colourful bull garter snake slithered across the hot sand in front on me on summery Sunday.

On impulse I picked it up right behind its head and it let off pheromones of alarm that smelled like ROTTEN EGGS or sulfur.

In 2013, almost everytime I entered our local Canada Post office, I recoiled inwardly as my eyes were forced to behold the huge red and green snakes on the postered wall—and I could smell the sulfur of demonic deception.

In 2014, Canadian stamps are honoring the Chinese YEAR OF THE TIGER.

mmm…does this mean the dragon has shape-shifted into a tiger, who is now ready to spring and tear apart the unsuspecting lambs grazing on the Western Canadian plains this summer of 2014?

However the GREAT WHITE BEAR OF THE NORTH, Russia is awake and vigilant with the more likely Asian ally being JAPAN!

Yes, Japan will always war against China and Japan has one last fight to settle with the freemasonic American white leadership for needlessly nuking her two cities in the summer of 1945 and for the three year ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster (a Mossad/CIA inside job—of mini-nuking the plant so it wasn’t the earthquake & tsunami which did the damage, it was the cover up for the planted nukes inside the plant).

I don’t think our British Queen and her JESUIT overlords as well as her Jewish Zionist Rothschild London banksters much like JAPAN either.

So even if Russia and China collaborate momentarily to stalk and take down the North American fawn this summer of 2014,—Russia will jackal China out of the prize feast in the end.


Prior to writing this blog and I just began with the idea that dropped in my head and it was MOSCOW, i had read about a man’s dream posted on Steve Quayle Dreams and Visions.

In his dream, he saw a 30 foot treehouse and around the tree a huge sleepy-looking puthon had wrapped its thick body and its eyes were watchful.

Then the man saw a TIGER about to spring but the tiger appeared to slow and the man knew he could out manoeuver him.

However, than a raging BEAR appeared on the scene and the man knew, he could not get away and he woke up!

When reading about the content of his May 1/14 dream and his interpretation, I didn’t know then that 2014 was in Chinese astrology the year of the TIGER.

Please understand no matter how sordid the satire I use gets here to get my point across, that I have deep respect for the sovereign rights of every man, woman and child on Planet Earth, no matter what their race or color.

The Asian peoples have been abused since isolationism became impossible since the 1500s or the staged REFORMATION,—by EUROPEANS (and European bloodlines so that includes Russia and East Europe) first and then their MASONIC WEST which is us here in North America.

I believe however that the JAPANESE race is not fully ORIENTAL in their origin (or not at all) and I think the Illuminati who obsess over global bloodlines and family trees know this.

In fact, the Japanese are known to have WHITE SKIN and not the “yellow” skin which compares to the light olive-colored people of India and the Middle East, the land of the Arabs.

The Japanese have the fighting warrior spirit of the APACHE Indians of the Southwest of the United States of America.

They could have crossed the Pacific and landed in California and moved inland westward and then began the Apache race in the NEW WORLD.

The Japanese Yakuza (mafia) may be the most intelligent secret self-appointed services in the world,—and the most guerrilla wily at the global game.

They are not to be underestimated because of their population size and the WHITE ARYAN globalists including the possessed territorial serpent-like Catholic Jesuits, who know this and in the end the JESUITS will not win in being able to destroy Japan and her people.

And the Jesuits along with the Zionist Jews and elite European freemasonic nobility have been behind every evil government here in the NEW WORLD.

In fact Japan’s possible first cousins, the Apache Indians out did the American Calvary severely via guerilla warfare until they got wise and threw out the British method of military manoeuvering OUT IN PLAIN SIGHT.

The Apaches taught white men the art of COVERT WARFARE.

So these ancient bloodlines are ahead of the game and they threw the Jesuits off their island a few centuries ago—so I vote for the JAPANESE, not the rogue Jacque DeMolays, knowns as sodomites and Satanists.

And one more divergence here, it applies to what the globalists wanted to reveal about their PLANS via the FLAG OF MOSCOW and it was on the 100 ruble note that Vlad’s Bank of Russia released on October 29, 2013 (84 years after the 1929 NY Stock Market Crash which was staged),—and 100 days before the 2014 Winter Olympic games began in his country.

The ruble has the American flag in the background draped over the mountains and there is an expert snowboarder in the foreground with a checkered black-and-white flag flowing downward near by him.

The checkered flag is also at the start point of the track, at the top left corner of the bank note.

The big RED plus sign or cross could stand for the Britsh Knights Templar or for England’s flag.

It appears the FIRE BIRD or the Olympic Torch or the Eternal Flame (of the Illuminati) is left behind in the mountains and its flames are being blown towards the American flag.

The winter athlete is in the air triumphant in flight and he looks like he is hovering over a satelite image of the earth which looks like a circular race track or cell with a striated muscle cell wall.

There is definitely double speak Illuminati code in the bank note’s imagery.

The logo for the BANK OF RUSSIA is a double headed eagle but which is also like the Roman god JANUS—one head is pointing to the left and the other to the right.

Or one head is looking to the past and the other head is looking to the future.

Or one head is looking EAST and the other head is looking WEST in terms of territorialism.

Hence there is more power in this eagle than Amerika’s single-headed-eagle emblem.

On the flag of Moscow, SAINT GEORGE dressed up as a knight is riding a SILVER horse and the lance in his hand is made of GOLD.

Hence Russia will be granted control of the world’s monetary system (the silver and gold) for a time by the Aryan globalists, and the imagery clearly shows that the Russian knight has speared the DRAGON in the mouth and his horse is tramping it as well.

So if the DRAGON in this flag’s imagery represents China, that means the globalists will not allow China to take possession of the hard asset wealth of AMERIKA or Canada (don’t trust Queenie, oh China, don’t forget the Opium Wars).

China will only appear to be taking control of Amerika’s wealth as a payment for buying her astronomical national debt.


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