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The hidden origins of the hippie movement

The hidden origins of the hippie movement

BY *A**V*

See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me!

Many people ask "what were the origins of the hippie movement"?

Where did they come from?

To most people they seemed to come out of no where.

What was their tradition?

Did they revive any traditions?

These are questions often asked by historians.
Most assume that the whole hippie phenomenon simply grew out of the drug culture of the 60's.

Little do they know, that the culture the hippies created was not only envisioned by folkish and spiritual pan-Germanics in and out of Germany, but the very idea of growing a "Longhaired tribe" or an "Aryan Christ", a new race of Longhaired Aryans in tune with the forests and meadows activating the Christ-consciousness in all life, began with such German folkists as Carl Jung and Fidus, they already envisioned a nation of hippies!
-A nation of Longhaired Germanic nature worshiping Christs was the vision these German idealists had for the future Aryan Race.
The dawning of the 60's youth culture was an attempt to breed a community of Christ like Aryans, of which the very conceptions which the hippies adopted were identical to those of the German folkist movements and of the individuals who originated and believed in their vision.
So what traditions did the hippies reactivate?
They specifically activated the tradition of the Longhaired troubadours personified by the Merovingian's and similar illuminated peoples.
The hippies were in an effect a Merovingian youth.
So it seems that the mixture of Germanic blood and soil conscious, country living, -folkish movements mixed with the sensuality of the Franco-Hebrew influence gave birth to this Merovingian youth, which was a youth of musicians, artists-creators, poets, wizards, occultists, revolutionaries, spiritual reformers and idealistic dreamers of every type.
They created a "new order", by reviving the genuine order of eternity and sweeping away the old order of their parents.
So the 60's youth movement really did take that "Christ like" component within the various free-spirit movements of the Middle Ages to the German naturalists and Bohemian folkists of the 19century and create a 'new culture' of Aryan people where "every man looked like Jesus, and every woman looked like Mary, and they had their spirit"!
This was the birth of a new interpretation of the world.

The very ideas which the hippie movement adopted and gave new life to had their original resurrection among the folkish movements in Germany such as the Wandervogel and many others. Of which many got absorbed in the Nazi movement and the Hitler Yourth.
The interesting thing is that it was individuals such as Carl Jung that started the "Aryan Christ Movement".
He wished to breed a race of Christs in America. This new man would have perfect polarity between the divine male and the divine female, and would be at peace with nature. He hoped that this would stimulate the Christ like energies in nature and thus guide the evolution of life to it's next state of development.
Again, Long Hair would be a major source of this mystical power and connection, with the healing feminine and masculine forces in nature forming them into an androgynous whole.
Thus it was Germans like Fidus and Carl Jung who planted the seeds that would later grow into the hippie movement in the 1960's.

"Lichtgebet" ("Prayer To The Sun") by Fidus, 1913

While he regretted the militarization and thus de-Christification of the nazi government, he still saw the light in nazism and in Hilter, and many times praised the nazis in their fight against certain ills such as materialism, Judeo-anti-folkish institutions etc;
praising their liberation of nature.
Many of his supporters were sympathetic to Nazi Germany if not completely pro-Hitler.
Paticuarly Fidus wanted to raise an Aryan Youth of Longhaired mystics, wizards, and saviors. Their long hair would help them develop a mystical Christ like relationship with the planet.


Professor Arnold Ehret, taken shortly after his 49 day fast in Cologne, Germany, circa 1905. Ehret later migrated to southern California and helped to spawn a new sub-culture in America, based upon his natural philosophy and lifestyle. His books have never been out of print in over 70 years. (Photo courtesy of Fred Hirsch)

So in a sense Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary and the whole of the psychedelic youth movement conspired to activate this "Christ gene", or "Christ consciousness" within the White masses of America, so that they could awaken the "Christ consciousness" in all creation.
Through marijuana, sex, and music they succeeded in liberating the gentle and energetic spirit of the American youth.
Through LSD, Eastern Religions and other exotic forms of enlightenment the leaders of the flower youth movement succeeded in opening the "cyclic understanding" of history and the nature of life to all who would tune in.
Timothy Leary and other agents of free spiritualism took after the German conspiracy of Aryan Christs that Carl Jung and many other German and American folkish societies and individuals such as Arnold Ehret, Maximillian Sikinger, Eden Abez, Hermann Hesse, Carl Jung, Isadora Duncan, D. H. Lawrence, Arnold Ehret, Franz Kafka, Adolf Just, Ernst Haeckel and so many more had envisioned.

Nature Boy, Maximillian Sikinger, at home in the Santa Monica Mountains, 1946. Max left Germany in 1935 then made his way to Southern California where he inspired many American kids to become "Nature Boys". By the 1960s, he was a regular fixture at pop festivals and concerts and was considered a guru to many Topanga hippies.
I think it interesting that Timothy Leary looked to Carl Jung as one of those who were "in tune", when the majority of civilized society was 'not'.
Hitler, the Wagnerian, was certainly a folkish person and embraced the ideals of the Wandervogel -free wandering spirits- and was in fact fighting for their very survival.
He was using violent Templars (the SA and especially the SS) to destroy the anti-natural world and pave the way for the future of free folkish communities in Germany.

In this essay by Gordon Kennedy & Kody Ryanon displayed at the website entitled "hippyland" explains the nature of the Wandervogel movement:

Wandervogel print from the local group in Darmstadt, 1911

"Wandervogel members, aged mainly between 14-18 years and spread to all parts of Germany eventually numbering 50,000. Part hobo and part medieval, they pooled their money, wore woolen capes, shorts and Tyrolean hats and took long hikes in the country where they sang their own versions of Goliardic songs and camped under primitive conditions. Both sexes swam nude together in the lakes and rivers and in their hometowns they established "nests" and "anti-homes", sometimes in ruined castles where they met to plan trips and play mandolins and guitars.

Wandervogel, 1926

Their short weekend trips became 3 to 4 weeks long journeys of hundreds of miles. Soon they were establishing permanent camps in the wild that were open to all. With no thought of pay, the bands worked at improving their campsites and building cabins for which they made the furniture-in all forming a complex of precedents underlying the youth-hostel movement which began in 1907 when Richard Schirmann opened the first hostel in Altena Germany.

Nudists worshipping the Sun, 1926

Mostly the Wandervogel sought communion with nature, with the ancient folk-spirit as embodied in the traditional peasant culture, and with one another. They developed a harmonious mystic resonance with their environment.
The expression "Lebensreform" (life-reform) was first used in 1896, and comprised various German social trends of the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

Elizabeth Dorr with some of her daughters at Ascona, 1905 (Note the headbands!)

1. vegetarianism
2. nudism
3. natural medicine
4. abstinence from alcohol
5. clothing reform
6. settlement movements
7. garden towns
8. soil reform
9. sexual reform
10. health food and economic reform
11. social reform
12. liberation for women, children and animals
13. communitarianism
14. cultural and religious reform: i.e. a religion or view of the world that gives weight to the feminine, maternal and natural traits of existence
Further south in Switzerland, Ascona was a little fishing village on the shore of Lake Maggiore, on the Swiss side of the border with Italy. In the year 1900 a counter-culture renaissance began and lasted until about 1920. Ascona became the focal point for all of Europe’s spiritual rebels.
Life experiments were in vogue: surrealism, modern dance, dada, Paganism, feminism, pacifism, psychoanalysis and nature cure. A few of the participants were Hermann Hesse, Carl Jung, Isadora Duncan, D.H. Lawrence, Arnold Ehret and Franz Kafka.

Bill Pester at this palm log cabin in Palm Canyon, California, 1917. With his "lebensreform" philosophy, nudism and raw foods diet, he was one of the many German immigrants, who "invented" the hippie lifestyle more than half a century before the 1960s. He left Germany to avoid military service in 1906 at age 19, for a new life in America. (Photo Courtesy of Collection Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, California)

At the turn of the century Germany had 56 million people, and had as many large cities as all of the rest of Europe combined. Industrialism, technology, pollution and "affluenza" began a crisis amongst the over-privileged German-speaking of that period. The disenchanted began to arrive in Ascona by the hundreds.
The beautiful natural setting inspired urban people to sunbathe in the nude, sleep outdoors, hike, swim and fast. This village quickly developed a universal reputation as a health center.
Hermann Hesse was excited when he saw four longhaired men with sandals walk through his village on their way to Ascona. He followed them, settled in and then took a nature cure for his alcoholism. The year was 1907.

"Herbst" (Autumn), mural sketch by Fidus, 1934
(Note "peace" symbol on top)

These communities have been characterized by many as "rightwing hippie movements" because while they embraced nearly every hippy ideal, they were also German nationalists and believed in the power and beauty of racial purity as inseparable from their land, forest and water preservation ideals.
They felt that they were tied to the land by blood and soil, as this was the land where their ancestors dreamed and evolved.
Like the American Indians, they were tied to their land by spirit and by race.

Hitler was the most militant of the folkists, he was the only one who actually made an attempt to destroy the enemy of free spirit movements by force. In this process, he came to be perceived by many of these free spirited peoples as the opposite to their nature, but it seems that they instinctively understood that the struggle he was taking on had to be fought eventually.
One thing is for sure, if Hitler were around today he would be a leftist-libertarian of the "middle path".

He once said that his dream was for Germany and England to march together against America!
The hippies of the 1960's were much like those folkish communities in Germany, like the "Wandervogel" and similar movements.
For the youth to gain understanding of the secrets of the universe and of the Aryan soul is what many flower children of the psychedelic generation did, they understood that ancient reality and attempted to transform their world so it could again resemble that lost paradise.
The way in which the magical generation looked to transform the world is actually a fallen version of what Hitler wanted: For the youths of the world to rise up and inherit what is rightfully theirs, the world.
A nation of Artistic masters, wizards, poets and musical revolutionaries, this would be his elite and this is what happened to the youth of America in the 60's.
Certainly the people on the neo-nazi-skinhead mentality could never be members of the divine race which Hitler planned to re-create.
I doubt whether any neo-nazi-skinheads listen to the music of Richard Wagner and understand it's true significance for the New Age of the Aryan millennium.
No, Hitler would have greatly despised the degenerate nature of the skinhead movement and they could never be his children.
Hitler would have much rather hung out with young hippies than with skin-heads! Skin-heads are just the degenerate humanity that Hitler planned to rid the earth of!
Oh how they know not whom they worship!

Just as his critics today know not whom they put down!
Being a skin-head is not being a nazi anymore than it is being an Aryan.
The Nazi's used to shave the heads of their inferiors, ironically, to take away their self pride.
In all esoteric cultures such as the Long Haired Kings of the Merovingians, Cathars, Nazorenes and all manner of Nazirites, their long and beautiful hair was a major source of their mystical powers and charisma. From Noah to Jesus to the Cathars to the hippies, long hair on Aryans gave them occult powers and divine authority. Their beautiful hair was a signature of their divine inheritance and of their spiritual identity. The Nazi SS who were members of a warrior military order, as all the Hitler Youth, took every aspect of their superior being into praise, -their eyes and hair, as marks of their divinity, power and beauty which reflects the nature of the beings which inhabit higher realms of the dimensions of blue and white light. Jesus was a vegetarian, and so was his long lost brother Hitler! If Hitler had not been so misguided he could have been the New Age Messiah!
Though he chose the dark path in that life, he is STILL HERE.
He must have been rehabilitated to understand where he went wrong last time!
He is back and this time he is going to be a mixture beetween Adolf and Gandhi!
A real peace warrior!
This time we're going to judge everyone not by the color of their skin, but by the level of their intelligence and content of their character!
As he said: "One thing I can predict to the eaters of meat, THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE WILL BE VEGETARIAN!!!!!!!!"

Trust me--Hitler was way beyond The Ku Klux Klan ; they wouldn't have had much of a place in his new vision of the world. Hitler and John Lennon tapped into the same visions when they thought about the future of Christianity. When John Lennon said: "Christianity will go, it will vanish" "I am right and I will be proven right." -Which he followed by his famous saying " The Beatles are more popular than Jesus now" which received protests and death threats from the Ku Klux Klan and other Rightwing Christian groups in America. John was simply stating the truth. The truth was that kids were more enthusiastic about going to Beatle concerts than they were about going to Church. John Lennon could see that his charismatic musical religion was more popular than Christianity.

Hitler had the same effect, he could see that more kids were attending his rallies than church and you can even say that he became more popular than Jesus.
What John Lennon said could be put side by side with what Hitler said on the future of Christianity: " We are witnessing the final summersaults of Christianity, it will last another hundred years or so, then it will vanish." For Hitler was also witnessing, as John did, a new religion that would replace the Christian church. If you looked at a film of a Hitler rally and then looked at films of the early Beatle concerts and if someone didn't tell which was what, you would not be able to tell the difference.
Both had fanatical screaming and crying white girls with their heads in the air.
Many people remarked at this when the Beatles first hit the scene. -Many older people said that it was reminiscent of the early Nuremberg Rallies. In fact, when John himself returned to his hometown in Liverpool, while standing on a balcony, young kids were fanatically cheering so loudly he felt that the kids were acting like the early Hitler youth! -So much though that he gave the Hitler Salute, shouting "Sieg Heil" and putting his finger to his nose symbolizing the Hitler mustache and the kids just kept cheering !! The Beatles had become a sort of "Gods on earth" and had won the hearts and minds of the youth. This is partly what drove John Lennon to say that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus because, like Hitler 35 years earlier, it was true.
It was the Jewish-Leftist-Liberal, multi-cultural, "Old Roosevelt Democrats" who became political revolutionaries and who used the revolution that happened mostly among middle class whites in the sixties, because they felt the freedom and love that this generation generated. The hippy movement started to liberate everyone until the system beat them down and whacked all their early leaders from John and Robert F Kennedy to John Winston Lennon... The reactionary establishment then took advantage of the freedom fight that had been launched by this new generation to beat down Aryan culture.
Now the only cultures that survived are the diseased Redneck Puritan cultures, and the Jewish neo-cons.

Thus today, if you are not one of those two, and you are a kid, you have to bow down to the crazed negroes who have gotten too drunk with a false sense of power. I'm talking about "ghetto culture", or as black comedian Chris Rock calls it "nigger culture". And they hate whites who have not lost their identity. And this is why they hate anything to do with the sixties culture to the point where they now violently threaten the old whites who fought for their liberation from pigs because of their own moral conscience, only to get spat in face for it by arrogant black youth.
The Sixties movement was actually more racially identified than most people think, and the emerging hippies hated this materialistic society that beats up on everything natural, everything free, and everything Aryan.
They came back to give that evil American WWII generation hell once more, only this time instead of doing it with guns, they did it with music, art, and prophetic protests aimed at the whole capitalist system of the pig tribes. This was a war between the creative Aryans, and the destructive Pig peoples, as Abbie Hoffman called them: "culture-vultures".
The Hippy movement was an Aryan folkish rebellion against the post WWII Pigs who believed the world was their oyster to exploit. Many of those hypocrites did not even deserve to win WWII but ended up coming out looking like the good-guys because of the propaganda lies regarding atrocities which the axis powers were supposed to have committed. Atrocities which were part and parcel of any war and committed by all parties, axis and allies alike. Now they had inherited the world after that war. It was also the war that had gotten them out of economic depression, so they viewed war as a good thing and could not understand why their strange kids refused to fight for that bullshit system that they had believed in, because of their upbringing. The magical generation had different plans for the future, and were not gonna let the old generation get in their way. They were gonna lead and not follow -as Hitler said "let youth be lead by youth". The right to direct the future destiny of the nation is the right of youth and it is the duty of the young generation to overthrow a corrupt system build upon lies. The youth of Germany respected the revolutionary heroic leadership of Hitler and the nazi party. For the sixties generation their heroes were the musicians who spoke to them and instigated them to revolt! Jim Morrison sang: " lost in a Roman....wilderness of pain........and all the children are insane, ........waiting for the summer rain yea"... The British Kings came back to conquer America and enforce their culture on the natives, only this time the natives were Christian Pigs, and the British conquered America with Music. The British Kings like John Lennon, Pete Townsend, and many others came to settle their "old scores" with the despised Americans.

Hitler's greatest vision was that "one day Germany and Britain, would march together against America".
The German youth and many folkish movements were already being reincarnated in America, and their British Kings had come to liberate them.
Thus the youth of Germany and England came to re-conquer America, just as Hitler had dreamed!
The magical youth of the sixties planned on recreating the destiny that was taken from them.
This is what the psychedelic Atlantian Aryan youth of the sixties tried to do, and they believed in the power of love.
They were the first youth in the world to totally take charge of their nation, stop a war, and create a new culture in the history of mankind. The Aryan youth had suddenly become the saviors of the world! -As the black civil rights leader Dick Gregory once put it "all of a sudden the white race had produced a movement where every guy looked like Jesus, and every girl looked like Mary, and they acted like them and had their spirit!"
They had the Merovingian-Cathar spirit.
The movement was mostly middle class whites who looked more like they were from the European culture than from the puritan American culture. And the Jews who got caught up in it were all Jews who hated the 'Jewish system' and wanted to wash off their Jewish identity in the sink, reject the Old Testament vengeance and join the white Aryans who were changing the world through the philosophy of peace and free love. This was a folk movement that had it's roots in the German youth movements like the "free-wanderings-spirits" of the "Wandervogel," most of whom got caught up later in the Hitler youth. They both had the ideals of nature-worship, communalism, vegetarianism, nudism, and firm belief in the magical power of youth. The Hitler Youth slogan was--"let youth lead youth". In Hitler's Germany youth were even given power over their parents, to turn them in and to get them off their back. The hippy youth were of the same mindset, -that the youth had the right to to lead the future and if the elders couldn't "tune in" they had to "drop out". The hippies didn't care much about their parents or about the struggles they went through in the depression or WWII. They were of the past and now had to step aside and accept this new order. The Woodstock Nation was very natural. Most of them were whites and preferred to live and mate with other whites.

This California surfer and his girlfriend were some of the young folks who went to live wild in nature during the late 1960s and early '70s, mostly in California, Hawaii and parts of Europe. This most radical form of communalism was a replay of the Wandervogel and Naturmensch period some 60 years before in Germany and Switzerland (Taylor Park, Kauai, Hawaii, 1971)

It was an Aryan movement of nature worship and honor for the connection to the land. This is why they embraced the native American peoples because they understood better than anyone the religion of blood and soil and the need for folkish-socialist communities.

The hippie movement was by majority Anglo-Germanic and people of other races were drawn to it and intrigued by it, but they were never really part of it. The blacks, through the Black Panthers, were going to establish a separate black state for black people who wished to live separate from whites.
The north would be the Nation of Rock and Roll and would be predominantly white in identity because many hippy tribes were actually old Aryan tribes coming together to take over.
No wonder ghetto liberal youth culture today puts down the cultural revolution that looked to destroy the Zionist materialistic system that was oppressing them and that is now oppressing many artistic white-kid dreamers who want to change their world which they sense is full of LIES.
There is a saying about the 60's generation: "In the 60's all we wanted was love, now we want the truth!" That's the generation of the day but I still believe and I have many friends who agree with me and who are sure Hitler was an artist, a visionary, a prophet, and a conqueror! I believe in "Mein Kampf" he said that ever since he was a child he knew he would never be a civil servant, but rather an Artist!

The war between the Luciferic powers (fallen light) and Satanics (powers of this world) can be seen all through history.
The holy bloodline of the Pleadians which was inherited by Noah, passed down to David and remained in his descendants, who Yeshua Ben Yoseff and his brothers Judas and Jakob was born of and which was most likely passed down from members of Yeshua's family if not Yeshua himself, which made their magical appearance in the people of the Cathars, Merovingians and others. -Right down into our present days the spirit which was so strongly present in the hippie phenomenon and which was a reaction to a doomed world by the magical youth who discovered their powers and looked to transform the world to resemble heaven.

They were young and had no leaders to look up to besides the fallen Luciferic energies of the music they enjoyed, which I have enjoyed.
Therefore their revolution ended in failure, just like many others before it. (Nazorene, Cathar, Mareovingians--all "long haired kings").
They liberated and opened the cages which let out the many demons which are now at work on our planet.
Their revolution was crushed and their liberation used for the benefit of their enemies.
The freedom that they had shown the world has been used to further the dark agenda of the present enemies of the children of light.
Those of us who have a yearning to go beyond the limits of humanity feel so because of the intertwining of our blood relations with the various extraterrestrials who colonized this primitive planet and-or because the "star dust" which our souls are made of is still vibrating. We are some of the last remaining "children of light" on this doomed planet and our mission is to try to reverse the karma of those destructive elements which exist on this earth and effect us all. "WE ARE STARDUST, WE ARE GOLDEN and we've got to get ourselves back to the GARDEN! Yea!"

Thanks for hearing me out and always remember that the light remains throughout the centuries. Though it has taken many forms: Nazirites, Essenes, Merovingians, Cathars (all LongHaired Kings), the forces of which got caught and tangled in the chaos of a fallen Germany, and reacted like a tortured animal in the failed nazi experience, and then the fallen era of flower-power in the sixties when the children of the sun finally, after eons of oppression, exploded in unrealistic imaginations and psychedelic visions of the paradise that was lost.
Now we are back only this time we are going to learn from the experiences of all our previous incarnations and take what was good from them and build the new future.

Sieg Heil!


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