Friday, October 17, 2014

The Whole Scoop On The Apple Pay Monday Launch |

The Whole Scoop On The Apple Pay Monday Launch |


Here's another gateway to the cashless society.

What will happen when all money becomes obsolete? And all money transactions are done with smartphones?

If your phone's battery is dead how will you be able to buy?  Or, if you forget your password how will you gain access to your funds?

For those needing confirmation that Bible prophecy comes to pass, here's more proof.  A microchip is not needed to impose the restrictive law forbidding the faithful the means of buying and selling... This Apple platform will be used by Visa, eventually MasterCard;  Afterwards America Express and Discover...  Soon banks will provide their account holders to access their bank checking through their smartphones and conduct monetary transactions replacing ATM cards.  BTW, this type of payment system is already being used in Asia and Africa, where purchases are made with smartphones.  Prophecy is being fulfilled yet again.

Keep the Faith!



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