Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why Lambs Speak Like Dragons - by Bill Hughes


Published on Feb 6, 2014

A look at America in light of Bible prophecy !
by pastor Bill Hughes.
Start research here, see, where it takes you...
"The Secret History of the Jesuits"
by Edmond Paris
downloadlink here:
"Vatican assassins, wounded in the house of my friends"
by Eric Jon Phelps
downloadlink here:
Daily radio show from brother Eric here:
The Black Pope:
Any body that wants more proof that the Jesuits
founded America should read RULERS OF EVIL by Tupper Saussy
Downloadlink here:
The history of the Knights Templars : the temple church, and the temple (1842)
Downloadlink here:
Reverse engineering of JFK assassination Plan Featuring The Killer Queen PDF download:
William Milton Cooper 'Behold a pale horse', download link here:
HOTT Bill Cooper all audio files mp3:
Bill Cooper NEW SITE Mystery Babylon!
and many other, hard to get or forbidden books on that subject.
also look at:
go to these websites for revelation on the power of the black pope­l
"50 Years in The Church of Rome" By Charles Chiniquy.
"The Vatican Billions" ;"The Vatican's Holocaust" "Viet Nam, Why did we go?"
"The Vatican in World Politics" all by Avro Manhattan;
"The Secret Terrorists" by Bill Hughes
downloadlink here:
The jesuit oath:
The Vatican's Role In The New World Order! Bill Hughes
A Woman Rides the Beast - official version from The Berean Call
Walter Veith - (18) Two Beasts Become Friends / Total Onslaught
A Lamp in the Dark- The Untold History of the Bible
A Lamp In The Dark 2
The SDA Church Of Babylon
Why the USA is the way it is (Revelation 13 explained!):
Walter Veith - (18) Two Beasts Become Friends / Total Onslaught
by brother Adam1984, god bless you!

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