Wednesday, January 07, 2015

12 dead after gun attack at French satirical weekly

[LIVE] 12 dead after gun attack at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo

07/01 12:04 CET

Charlie Hebdo, a satirical rag that has never shied away from controversy
François Hollande condemns “cowardly” attack on satirical paper “Charlie Hebdo”

A huge manhunt is underway in Paris after at least 12 people were killed and seven others injured in a shooting at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Police said two of those killed were police officers and that four of the wounded are in a critical condition.

Witness Benoit Bringer said the attack started at 11.30 am local time: “Two black-hooded men entered the building with Kalashnikovs (automatic assault rifles). A few minutes later we heard lots of shots.” He added the men were then seen fleeing the building.

Other witnesses described a gun fight with police before three black-clad attackers escaped in a car which may have been hijacked. Video posted on social media shows one of the gunmen firing a shot into the head of a police officer who was lying wounded on the pavement. They have not been caught but the car – a black Citroen C3 – was later seen being examined by police forensic experts on the eastern outskirts of Paris.


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