Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nothing But The Truth – Satan’s Paradise

Published on Feb 18, 2015

The entire title should read as follows:
Nothing But The Truth – Satan’s Paradise: The Consequences Of The Greatest Deception Since The Garden Of Eden

In this broadcast we will go into the consequences we ALL have to face when not understanding the greatest deception since the garden of Eden as explained in part 1 ( ) of this vital to understand subject. Please read the description from that video for further understanding.

The world has been run by the roman catholic church since 538 AD now, assisted by their Knighthoods (The Knights Of the Temple of Jerusalem during the crusades and the society of Jesus to name the most important).

Since the whole world today is living in a system created by the society of Jesus (the Jesuits) to fit their agenda (…that the end justifies the means…) all of education, formation, information, economics and politics is controlled by this still growing Luciferian secret society that is not at all so secret anymore.

Their actions lay the foundation of how we perceive the world and they handle us from cradle to grave in such a manner that people don’t even recognize it.

Only when you are prepared to question the ‘facts’ presented to you and question them you will have a chance to see the system many refer to as a kind of ‘Matrix’ that makes you go along because it’s comfortable – even though you face many problems and don’t understand why they are not being taken care of.

The answer has been given to us by the WORD of GOD that the roman catholic church so desperately wants to get rid of once and for all.

If GOD is silenced in our hearts and minds all we can hear is Satan and we’ll be dancing to his music until we die and he stole our god given right of eternal life by our ignorance to the love that GOD offers freely to everyone who listens and obeys him.

The choice everybody has to make for himself, that’s why we were given free will.
But we also have to live with the consequences of our decision…

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