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Protester disrupts European Central Bank press conference - as it happened

Mario Draghi’s press conference in Frankfurt briefly suspended after a protester wearing a t-shirt showing “End the ECB dick-tatorship” threw paper and confetti at Europe’s top central banker

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An activist stands on the table of the podium throwing paper at ECB President Mario Draghi, left, during today’s press conference in Frankfurt. Photograph: Michael Probst/AP

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Closing summary: Protests in the heart of the ECB

It’s time for a closing summary.

Mario Draghi’s press conference in Frankfurt was dramatically disrupted today by an activist, in a protest against the European Central Bank’s policies.

In a remarkable security breach the protestor, understood to be Josephine Witt, leapt on the desk, showering glitter on the ECB president.

She also threw leaflets condemning the “undemocratic” Bank, and its role in the financial crisis, and chanted “End the ECB dictatorship” repeatedly, before being removed by security staff.


A protester who jumped on top of ECB president Mario Draghi’s desk during a news conference at the European Central Bank is detained by security. Her shirt reads “End the ECB Dick-tatorship”. Photograph: Marcus Golejewski/Demotix/Corbis

And there’s a video clip here.

The press conference was briefly suspended, before Draghi returned to tell reporters that his QE programme was delivering benefits to the eurozone economy, and to call for Europe’s labour market to be reformed to help younger people.

According to the ECB, Ms Witt registered as a journalist to attend today’s press conference in the Bank’s new Frankfurt headquarters. Staff took “immediate and effective action”, it said in a statement.

For example:

Photograph: Marcus Golejewski/Demotix/Corbis

Police confirmed that they arrested a 21-year-old woman at the scene; she was later released:


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