Monday, April 13, 2015

The Host in SDA church Lord's Supper

Lord's Supper kit given participants

A few years ago I heard a person call the Lord's Supper, "The Communion". I was perplexed by this because I had never heard the solemn service called COMMUNION.

Well, fast forward to 2015:
A Seventh-day Adventist church in Florida on March 28, 2015, during its Sabbath Lord's Supper service handed the church members participating in the event (the foot washing, and the eating of the bread, and drinking of the non-alcoholic wine)... a reasonable facsimile of the Roman Catholic Host.
The church members were each given a kit consisting of a few moist towelettes, and a small cup shaped package with the grape juice, and on the top of this item a small 'round' white wafer resembling a Roman Catholic Host. The small plastic container had the Host on top and the juice was below that. A small plastic film with four wheat kernels print forming a "Cross", was removed to allow the Host to be picked up; below it I suspect was another plastic lid to then remove and drink the grape juice (Wine).
By the way, the foot washing was modified; instead of basins with water, the participants were instructed to use the moist towelettes provided to symbolize the actual (usual) footwashing.

I can not believe how much Adventist churches have changed?
To introduce into the last remaining (remnant) Protestant church the Roman Catholic "Host" is incredible.
Not to mention the wiping of feet, instead of footwashing...

But, then again we were warned about the Omega Apostasy.

All this is a gradual transition to Sunday Worship. First, one thing is substituted then another, finally the Sabbath service is changed to Sunday.

My first question is...
How can anyone that knows what a Lord's Supper is, sit idlely by and allow this switch to take place?
The Roman Catholic Host in the GCSDA church is an abomination.

Where do you draw the line?

I have heard of quite a few innovations in the last few years taking place in the Adventist churches; the celebration worship music, worship dance, pantomime, Neurolingistic Programming (NLP), observing the Old Testament Jewish Feasts, the Holy Names, the Holy Spirit is not a separate entity argument, the Trinity debate, the Lunar Sabbath, Spiritual Formation taught to Pastors at Andrews University...
But, now the Catholic Host and its ramifications* replacing the piece of bread?

  1. If the tares run the church, and no one in the congreation objects to the apostasy they see?
  2. If no one protests?
  3. Will the wheat continue to grow in Christ under these conditions?

As I contemplate this last act, the concept of Corporate Resposibility comes to mind.

Again I ask: Where do you draw the line, when the blind are leading the blind?




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