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CASTRO OF CUBA “Profile Of Undercover Jesuit”

Friday, 6 April 2012

“Profile Of Undercover Jesuit”


Upon graduating from law school he joined the Orthodox or Christian Democrat party. My European readers will instantly recognize that this is the Roman Catholic Party. The first Christian Democrat party began in Italy under Pius XI in the 1920's. Pius XI later disbanded that party, then put his full support behind Benito Mussolini and his Fascists. The leader of the Christian Democrat party was then forced into exile, though he and Pope Pius XI remained on good speaking terms. It was in London that this leader met a fellow exile - Avro Manhattan.

Returning to Fidel Castro : Castro was obviously fully working for the Jesuits when he joined the Christian Democrat party as a young lawyer. By the time of the Cuban revolution in 1958-59, the Jesuits - in Latin America, were Marxist-Leninist in ideology, as Avro Manhattan and former Jesuit priest, Malachi Martin, well documented. 

Malachi Martin documents how, in 1963, the Jesuits became fanatic, left-wing Communists, under Pedro Arrupe, a Marxist, and a great advocate of Fidel Castro. Martin documents in his book: "The Jesuits and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church" how the Jesuits proceeded to foment Communist revolutions throughout Latin America and Africa, with Castro's aid.

The late, former Jesuit Father Alberto Rivera honestly revealed that the Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe was the head of the Communist Party in Spain. Malachi Martin left the Jesuits in 1964, but while working in the Vatican, he became aware of the fact that the Jesuits, and many high-ranking cardinals, had held a Black Mass in the Vatican. (St Paul's Cathedral.) During this Black Mass, these Cardinals and other Jesuits "installed" Lucifer as head of the Church of Rome. It was Malachi Martin's belief that many of the Roman clergy at that time began practicing child molestation as part of their Satanic rites of worship.

WORLD HISTORY will inform us that FIDEL CASTRO of Cuba is an undercover Jesuit. The hidden history about him is known by few competent world historians. The loyalty of this man is to serve the will of the Jesuit General (Society Of Jesus) w/ H.Q. in the VATICAN ROMA.
Allow World History to expose his true identity and let the history of Cuba speaks for itself :

This following website is Cuba's official website :


The specific web page below is the official Cuban biography of Fidel Castro :

1) Fidel Castro attended three Jesuit institutions. College Lasalle and Colegio Dolores. "Colegio" in Spanish is a high school or junior college.
2) He then attended a Jesuit university for "preparatory" studies--obviously, what we would call a "general studies" program--at Colegio Belen, "general studies," because, after he matriculated from there, he went to law school. 

Pedro Arrupe, Malachi Martin, Alberto Rivera and Avro Manhattan knew each other.


That may sound a little "cranky"--but keep in mind that Malachi Martin went on to work as an advisor for two more Popes, no longer as a Jesuit. He did textual work on the Dead Sea Scrolls--was an authority on the Semitic languages. A picture was taken of Malachi Martin sitting between Pope John Paul I - the murdered Pope, and the Pope's assistant, Diego Lorenzi in 1978, long after Martin had left the Jesuits. The picture is in David Yallop's excellent expose of the murder of John Paul I and the Vatican Bank scandal, called "In God's Name."
Back to Castro and Communist Cuba : the "Calvary Contender," an independent online Baptist periodical, reports that Henry Morris, the writer of “The Genesis Flood”, says the Pope recently visited Cuba. Castro and he shared the same podium. Pope John Paul II sounded as much a Communist as Castro.

"POPE & CASTRO SOUND ALIKE ON SOCIALISM-- Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II met last November. 

Cuba is overwhelmingly Catholic. Catholics are allowed to join its' official atheist Communist Party. 

The Pope sounds very Castro-esque in his frequent condemnations of capitalism, consumerism and the suffering of the poor (11/19 HT). He told the Nov. U.N. World Food Summit that the imbalance between the rich and poor ("the haves and have-nots"?) cannot be tolerated. "

1) Cuba is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.
2) Roman Catholics are allowed to join the atheist Communist Party.
3) Fidel Castro is a graduate of several Jesuit institutions, and is in good standing with the Pope.
4) He was a member of the Roman Catholic Christian Democrat party before starting his Marxist/Leninist revolution. 

Alberto Rivera, the former Jesuit priest who became a Protestant preacher, said that Castro is a fourth-degree, professed Jesuit. The circumstantial evidence strongly corroborates that statement. 


Fidel Castro (Ruz) was born August 13, 1926 on his family's sugar plantation which is near Biran,
Oriente province, Cuba. His father, originally an immigrant laborer from Galicia, Spain, became owner of a 23,000-acre plantation there. 

As a boy, Castro worked in the family's sugar cane fields. When he was 6 years of age, convinced his parents to send him to school. He attended two Jesuit institutions, the Colegio Lasalle and the Colegio Dolores, in Santiago. In 1942 he entered the Colegio Belen, a Jesuit preparatory school in Havana. He was voted the school's best athlete in 1944. 

In 1945 Castro attended the University of Havana's Faculty of Law, and having earned a law degree, went into practice in 1950 in Havana with two partners. As a lawyer he devoted himself to helping the poor. Castro was a member of the Ortodoxo Party, a social-democrat party, and strongly criticized the government of Fulgencio Batista. 

Castro intended to campaign for a parliamentary seat in the election of 1952 but General Fulgencio Batista overthrew the government of President Carlos Prio Socarras in a coup d'etat and canceled the election. Castro went to court and charged the dictator with violating the constitution. The court rejected Castro's petition. With no legal recourse left, Castro organized an armed attack by 165 men on the Moncada Barracks in Oriente province on July 26, 1953. That attack and the one on Bayamo garrison failed completely. Half the attackers were killed; Castro and his brother Raul were taken prisoner and given a trial. He made his famous speech, "History Will Absolve Me". Sentenced to 15 years, he was pardoned after just two in a general amnesty on May 15, 1955. 

Castro tried unsuccessfully to oppose the military dictatorship by peaceful means. He then went into exile in Mexico, where he trained and assembled the 26th of July Movement. He gained support from Che Guevara and others before leaving aboard “The Granma” to invade Cuba in 1956. Returning to Cuba, the revolutionaries hid in the Sierra Maestra mountains, gaining support among the peasants. Eventually, Batista was forced to flee in 1959 and Castro took over. Castro became a committed Marxist-Leninist who nationalized industry, confiscated property owned by non-Cubans, collectivized agriculture, and enacted policies to benefit laborers and peasants. 

Many of the middle class fled the country, some establishing a large, active anti-Castro community in Miami, Florida. The United States Government tried various schemes to assassinate Fidel Castro. The CIA made an unsuccessful attempt to destabilize the Castro government on April 17, 1961, when a force of 1,300 Cuban exiles, supported by the CIA, made an unsuccessful attempt to invade Cuba at a southern coastal area called the Bay of Pigs. The assumption by the U.S. was that the invasion would inspire the Cuban population to rise up and overthrow Castro. It was a miscalculation; the Cuban population supported him. In October, 1962 the so-called Cuban Missile Crisis occurred when the U.S. government discovered the Soviet Union setting up long-range ballistic missiles in Cuba. These were perceived by the United States as a threat. President Kennedy instituted a naval blockade of Cuba that lasted until Khrushchev agreed to remove the missiles. Thereafter, U.S.-Cuban relations remained mutually hostile. 

As a result, Castro became closely aligned with the Soviet Union. The Soviets bought large amounts of sugar and supplied Cuba with economic and military assistance. This money fueled many of Castro's social programs, such as his war on illiteracy and free universal health care. With Castro aligning Cuba with the USSR, more and more friction developed between Cuba and the United States. 

Castro has also successfully assisted foreign revolutions in Angola and Ethiopia. He was elected the head of The Nonaligned Nations Movement and has been a strong critic of US imperialism. The Soviet Union's collapse in 1990 left Cuba in a difficult position and Castro became less of an international figure, though he remains President of Cuba. 

Let us consult World History as to what it says about JESUITISM AND COMMUNISM :
In the early 1600’s to the mid 1700’s, the Society Of Jesus (Jesuits) experimented and built a Communist “Utopia” in South America. A form of communal social system enslaving the innocent native “Guarani Indians”. These were called “REDUCTIONS”, with the most famous being the JESUIT'S REDUCTION OF PARAGUAY. Paraguay is one of several regions in South America that were colonies of Spain and Portugal. The Portugese King’s Minister - Marquis de Pombal protested to the Vatican Roma that the Jesuits had established their own domain within the territories claimed by Portugal and Spain. Portugal and Spain discovered the Jesuit's mining activities in South America using the manpower of the Guarani Indians. The Jesuit's Reduction in Paraguay was the first image of communism. 

Karl Marx, (the traditional father of communism) was trained in the tenets of Communism by Jesuits at the British Museum in the 1800's for nearly 30-Years.

Vladimir Lenin, was trained by the Jesuits in Geneva, Switzerland about the Tenets Of Communism. It was Germany’s ambassador Diego Bergen (to the Vatican Roma) during the Weimar Republic and Hitler’s NAZI Germany, who organized and provided a fully supported sealed train with Vatican Roma’s flag from Switzerland into Russia for Lenin. Upon Lenin’s arrival in Russia, he then led the Bolshevik Revolution (Russian Communist Revolution).

Leon Trotsky, was provided a safe way passage from New York to Russia to aid in the Bolshevik Revolution. He was financed by the Jesuit's newly established Federal Reserved Bank which was approved by another Jesuit temporal coadjutor President Woodrow Wilson in connivance with undercover Jesuit Colonel Edward Mandel House. The Federal Reserve Bank was the financier of the Bolshevik Revolution and was exposed in the mid 1930’s by Congressman Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania during his privilege speech inside the U.S. House Of Congress.

Joseph Stalin, was educated and trained by the Jesuits at the Orthodox Seminary in Tiflis, Georgia, Russia. The Jesuits taught the tenets of Communism to Stalin and Cardinal Agagianian. 

Daniel Ortega, was the head of the Sandinista Rebels in Nicaragua and responsible for the assassination of President Anastacio Somoza. It was the Jesuit Father Fernando Cardenal who formulated the LIBERATION THEOLOGY and injected it into the Sandinista Rebels. Both Daniel Ortega and Jesuit Father Fernando Cardenal were helped by undercover Jesuit - Fidel Castro. Liberation Theology scattered throughout South American regions and reached Sri Lanka, India and the Philippines. Liberation Theology is Catholicism with a mixture of Marxism which was embraced by Fathers Conrado Balweg and Luis Jalandoni. 

During World War II (Russian Front), Hitler’s right hand man, Martin Bormann, was an agent of communist Russia and cooperated with Joseph Stalin. 

Martin Bormann knew that Joseph Stalin was an undercover Jesuit (Father Joseph Stalin, S.J.). That is why Martin Bormann was helped by the Jesuit’s “Vatican Ratlines” to escape into South America wearing a Jesuit priest's robe. He was helped by Bishop Alois Hudal and Martin Bormann’s son - the godson of Adolph Hitler, named Adolph Martin Bormann who is a Jesuit priest and assigned in Africa. 

Mao Tse Tung, was trained by the Jesuits about the Tenets Of Communism. In China, Mao Tse Tung was helped and put into power by a known Jesuit anthropologist, Jesuit Father Tielhard de Chardin.
Up to this present time, only Jesuit owned Colleges and Universities are teaching LIBERATION THEOLOGY UNDER CURRICULUM 141 IMMERSION PROGRAM. This is a clear manifestation that the Jesuits are teaching communism or Marxist Ideology.

The former teacher of Fidel Castro was Jesuit Father Armando Llorente. Father Armando Llorente is now 87 years old and presently living at a Jesuit residence in Miami, Florida. Nicaraguan exiles now living in Florida, U.S.A. are blaming Jesuit Father Fernando Cardenal for being the instigator of the civil war in Nicaragua carried-out by the Sandinista Rebels.

Father Dorta-Duque         Undercover Jesuit Fidel Castro 

Anyone who is about to study World History or already studying, or who already has a competent knowledge about world history will not dispute these issues and will not agree that these issues are conspiracy theory. There are approximately 6,000 Books written about the Jesuits and many of these books were banned, and no way available in famous bookstores and are now missing in public libraries around the world. The only remaining public library that is keeping these rare, and banned books about the Jesuits is the British Museum in London. Soon, the Jesuits will have these banned and rare books removed from the British Museum.

World History is one of the major subjects that the Society Of Jesus (Jesuits) doesn’t want discussed in public, universities, colleges and in the television forum. 

Lastly, you’ll notice that the Jesuits are the only religious fathers of the Roman Catholic Church who have the privilege to wear civilian clothes and not a priest’s robes. Yet, they are The Catholic Church’s religious fathers. This is one of the reasons, Jesuits can infiltrate governments, military and other private sectors without being noticed as a Jesuit Father.

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