Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Eve of Distraction

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 18, 2015, the Bishop of Rome 'releases' his much hyped Encyclical about Climate Change, LAUDATO SI.

With this new document Bergolio will attempt to shame the prosperous nations of the world, and scare everyone else into believing that the planet's weather is changing because of man's mishandling of resources.
By issuing this official Roman Catholic message the Jesuit Bishop Bergoglio will assume the leading role as a voice of Ecological reason, plus God's foremost spokesperson on Earth; Something that is reminiscent of the days before 1798, when the Pontiff of Rome "spoke and the whole world hearkened".   Yes, what they are gonna do here is go back ___
 way back to the days before the Protestant Reformation, when the Pontefix Maximus chose and removed kings and queens.

So, tomorrow its back to the future, back to the days when the Holy See's will was law, Canon Law.
What will follow after this is universal acceptance of the successor of Peter (not Biblically), as an all knowing, infallible god-man.  The rationale will be: If the Pontif says it, it is true and must be obeyed.  He is so nice and so smart

So, keep an eye out for the roll-out of the Climate Change, Mother Earth is precious Encyclical...
It's the beginning of Roman Catholic Hegemony, on a global level, through the United Nations global goverment, and America's Armed Forces, the muscle and sword beholden to, and at the service of the Vatican... the earthly arbiter of COMMON GOOD.

Pontiff says do this...


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