Saturday, June 06, 2015

The NWO, The NSL and the 144,00 - Jan Marcussen

Jan Marcussen - NWO-NSL

Published on May 2, 2015

How do you share the ugly truth of who the Beast is in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and not offend a single soul in the process? You can’t. To expose the violent history of the Papacy, involving the slaughter of millions of Bible believing Christians and overthrowing countries through political muscle, just to fulfill its own dark agenda will be painful for many Catholics to hear. This man will do his best to expose in love.

Pope Francis will be arriving in the US September of 2015. He will be praised and lifted up like a Hollywood celebrity. Jan Marcussen is a SDA Pastor who was willing to risk his life and position to expose the truth without fear or backlash from the world or even his church. He is one of the best expositors of Rome that can maintain a loving heart for its followers. He also wrote the book “The National Sunday law” which has helped many Catholic and Sunday keepers convert to honoring the true Sabbath and the true God that sanctified it. Many references also from "The Great Controversy" book

If you have been blessed by this truth please share and repost before September of 2015.
If prophecy is shared after the event occurs, it has no power and any man can claim its truth.

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