Friday, July 31, 2015

Prepare for the African Fall

Prepare for the African Fall

You might recall the Disastrous 'Arab Spring'? And how President Obama went to the Middle East, early in his first term, in 2009 (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, but not Israel) on what some call his "Apology Tour".

You might also recollect Obama attended Nelson Mandela's State Funeral in December 2013...
While in South Africa at the event which attracted dignitaries from around the world who came to pay their respect to the deceased Mandela; President Obama made a symbolic gesture by seeking and shaking hands with Raul Castro, the titular president of Cuba.
Earlier this year (2015) it was released that the Vatican had been secretly collaborating with the USA about normalizing diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba. Well, this July, in fact last week, just a few months since the supposed leak and that HANDSHAKE, Cuba officially opened its Embassy in Washington D.C., and an American Embassy was also formally established in Havana.
It's Amazing how quickly things can 'evolve' in just a few months?

Well, a few days ago President Obama wrapped-up his trip to East Africa, where the U.S. President was cheered by some, and critized by others for meddling in internal (sovereign) affairs. We might also remember the Obamas went previously to West Africa?
I believe that The Continent of Africa is next to explode into complete anarchy with widespread chaos and turmoil.
The harbinger of/to mayhem has taken place, the omen has come and gone..
It's only a matter of time until total unrest begins, in my humble opinion.

Prepare for the African Fall, not Autumn.
BTW: Coincidentally, in South Africa it will be Spring.



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