Sunday, August 02, 2015

The Optics are not good!

On Tuesday July 21, 2015 in honor of the Chatanooga Massacre...

To borrow a metaphor from the Commander in Chief:
"The Optics are not good"!

Cuba raises it's flag in Washington D.C., yesterday, and today Obama orders American Flags to be flown at half staff.

Either someone is nonchalantly Out to Lunch, or this is an in your face act...

A delayed reaction?

FIVE (5) days after the Massacre of the 5 Marines?


Yet, on June 26, 2015 after the SCOTUS DECISION FOR GAY Marriages, President Obama immediately decorated the White House in Rainbow Lights?


White House, U.S. Capitol flags lowered to half-mast - CNN Video

The flags atop the White House and United States Capitol have been lowered to half-mast to honor the victims of the Chattanooga shootings.


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