Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bill Seeks to Make Sunday a Day of Rest

Bayit Yehudi faction chairman MK Yinon Magal is authoring a bill that would make Sunday a rest day as is the case in the United States, thereby creating a ‘weekend’. According the bill that was submitted on Wednesday 25 Elul, the hours of work lost on Sunday would be made up by working an additional half hour Monday through Thursday and a half day on erev Shabbos.

The bill is the result of the ongoing controversy surrounding the chilul Shabbos and soccer matches and creating a Sunday day of rest would permit moving the games from Shabbos to Sunday. Magal explains the hours of work would not be lost and this avoid compromising the productivity of the workforce while adapting to the international modern labor norms.

Magal explains that for a nation that declares Shabbos a holy day and limits public transportation and sporting events, there is a need to advance a day of rest on which no one feels his freedom is being limited.
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He adds that in the United States and Europe the work week is 40 hours but in Israel it is 43, questioning how it is that with an additional work day Israelis only work three additional hours.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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