Friday, September 25, 2015

Republican hopefuls Ben Carson and Ted Cruz on pope's address

Ben Carson watches the pope’s speech, as does fellow Republican presidential contender Chris Christie (left). Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

You’d think that someone like the Republican candidate and neurosurgeon Ben Carson, surrounded by controversy for saying he did not want a Muslim president, might double down. He kind of did, just not on that, as Ben reports:

It sounded good. It sounded like he was talking about things that are generally uplifting: life, environment – things that anyone should be able to agree with.
I didn’t understand what he was saying about climate change. I certainly agree that any intelligent person will try to take care of the environment – not just for themselves, for others.
As far as the death penalty was concerned, I think that’s a civil issue and as such I think the people in the region should make their own decisions. 
We’re a country of immigrants. We’ve always accepted immigrants, but obviously we have to be careful the way we do. 
I think it’s very reasonable because, really, he’s talking about things which hopefully transcend partisanship – things we should all be thinking about.

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