Thursday, October 29, 2015

I don't know is on First, What's on Second, and Who's on Third?

In this Topsy-Turvy world things are really confusing.

Yesterday, I made a list of some crazy nooze...

Here's part of what I am referring to:

Then, today a ten year old adopted girl born in China wants the Constitution amended, so she can run for president. This silly, phony bologna HEADLINE on the same day that China announces that it is going to abandon the One Child Only Policy.  You can't make this stuff up!  It's like a sick Abbott and Costello episode meets the Wizard of Oz.

10-Year-Old: Change Law So I Can Be POTUS

China one-child policy to end

Here's the epitome of my observation - Xi Jinping, the president of China was given the red carpet treatment by Obama when he visited Washington D.C., recently; However, almost daily there are growing tensions with China in the South China Sea, where China has built an island and is practically 'daring' the United States into armed conflict.   On the other hand, Russia has now begun to bomb Syria, and now the United State's administration is pondering sending in ground troops into Syria to fight ISIS, IS, ISIL, etc. And NASA has all types of missions to deep space exploring moons of plaNETs, flying near Pluto;  Yet, to get to the INTERNATIONAL Space Station, American Astronauts need to hitch rides with Russia's COSMONAUTS on Soyuz Spacecraft. Russia is calling our Bluff and so is China!  What, what, what!  So, who's number ONE, What's on Second, and definitely, I don't know is on Third.



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