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Castro escapee: 'Castro's Cuba is a testing ground for the New World Order'

Castro escapee: 'Castro's Cuba is a testing ground for the New World Order'

Published on Feb 18, 2014

Apparently there may have been more to the economic collapse of Cuba and Fidel Castro's role with the New World Order

By Shepard Ambellas

LOS ANGELES (INTELLIHUB) -- U.S. citizen, author, researcher and historian Servando Gonzalez, escapee from the former Prime Minister Fidel Castro's communist Cuba, has been in America more than 30-years and has many stories to tell. In one of them, he stated, "Castro's Cuba is a testing ground for the New World Order".

Interestingly, in an exclusive interview with Intellihub News, Gonzalez breaks down how Castro's Cuba was following the "Fabian socialist" technique of incremental invasion just like the U.S. in modern times, actually signifying that Cuba was likely used in a beta test for global conglomerates.

In fact, Gonzalez, who also appears in the film SHADE, even pointed out that the destruction of the Cuban economy was preplanned and controlled.

Gonzalez relates Fidel Castro to Nazi fascism, rather than the reported communism ties he was reported to have. Gonzales maintains that Castro thinking was more fascist in nature.

Gonzales went on to point out the details of a false flag event, carried out in Colombia, which triggered the "cold war" in Latin America and the United States.

Gonzalez also stated that Fidel Castro once attended a secret meeting at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan (U.S.) under invite from the New World Order conspirators.



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