Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy and the Jesuit Lie of Futurism (Full)

Keith Kampschaefer

Published on Aug 20, 2015

"DID GOD REALLY SAY THAT?" - Satan • The AGENTS of Satan have pulled off the greatest lie since the Garden of Eden. (Read more)

With the development of the printing press, the Word of God was now available to the commoner. Europe began to see not only the true doctrine of grace hidden from the world by the anti-Christ system, but also identified the Papacy as that very anti-Christ spoke of by Daniel's 'little horn,' Paul's 'lawless one,' and John's 'woman who rides the beast.'

The Jesuits were created to make war with the saints of the Reformation and began infiltrating and corrupting the interpretation of the Scriptures as they applied to the Papacy/RCC system.

For the courageous truth-seeker, the remnant, the wise virgin, know therefore and understand that the modern Evangelical church has followed the Jesuits and teaches that Daniel 9:27 is about the anti-Christ confirming a covenant with the modern Israeli Jews in a "7 year tribulation" WHEN IN FACT it is about Christ CONFIRMING THE COVENANT OF MERCY to all who believe in HIM.

They (the harlot daughters of Roman Catholicism) teach that the 70th week of Daniel is separated from the other 69 weeks which is where the "end-time, 7 year tribulation" comes from.

This is the full video of this great end-time deception.

Praise and glory to Jesus our Savior!

from Keith


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