Sunday, December 13, 2015

1915 - 2015 (A Century Since Ellen White's Demise)

1915 - 2015

One hundred years since Ellen G. White's death:

The United States of America has no Separation of Church and State, every principle of its Constitution "has been repudiated", the nation for all intents and purposes is Roman Catholic... Or so, it seems. The Bishop of Rome, the Man of Sin is treated as king of the world as he gallivants around the northeast corridor. The Jesuit Pontiff speaks to a joint session of Congress... 

The Bishop of Rome was a guest at BLAIR House in the Capital, at the Capitol mentions Abraham Lincoln in his Litany, leaves D.C. and then arrives in NYC @ John F. Kennedy Airport.

Meanwhile, not a peep from the General Conference of Seventh day Adventists, headquarted at Silver spring, MARY-LAND.
And the three SdA members in politics, or government: Candidate for President Ben Carson, TEXAS Congressperson Sheila Jackson-Lee, and U.S. Senate CHAPLAIN Harry Black, are not making any fuss either.

The Adventist Church as a whole is slumbering (celebrating with the world), save for a few individual members, and a few Independent Historic Adventist Protestant groups who are still giving the trumpet that certain sound, and preaching the Third Angel's Message.

The Messenger was so right!

In just one hundred years most of her distinctive prophecies have been fulfilled to the last detail.

P.S. Last year, 2014, the Jesuits 'celebrated' their 200th anniversary since the Order of (Sons of Ignatius Loyola) Jesuits was reinstated.



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