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Sabbath debated on FOX with Huckabee

Published on Dec 15, 2010

Find out about the Sabbath:
How Sunday became the popular day of worship:

BOTH MEN ARE WRONG. Don't be fooled.
It's Satan's tactic to give 2 wrong options and ask you to choose.

Mike Huckabee (Pastor, Newscaster, Politian) Newscaster says:
-Constitution can be amended
-America is based on Bible
-no where were the 10 commandments made into the 10 suggestions and ready to be amended to the constitution -We should not amend the Bible to the constitution
-Jesus did not amend the 10 commandments, he gave better understandings
-It's not enough that you practice it outwardly, you must practice it inwardly as well.
-Saturday to Sunday is not an amendment, its an interpretation -An amendment is where you actually change the entire direction...
-Love your neighbor as yourself
-Jesus did not amend or change, he clarified.

Alan Dershowitz (Jewish Harvard Lawyer Professor) Visitor says:
-America was based on the constitution -America is not based on Bible
-its wrong to say "we shouldn't amend the Bible principles to the constitution"
-Christians changed the commandments specifically the 2nd and 4th
-In 10 commandments, adultery only applied to women, Jesus amended that among other things.
-10 commandments refer to slavery twice
-Jefferson pointed out that the sins of the fathers shall be inflicted on the sons for 3 generations and said "thank goodness no one takes that seriously anymore".
-Saturday to Sunday is a Christian clear amendment, clear amendment
-It's not a different interpretation, the Christians have said thay changed it.
-Religion thrives on change
-"Love your neighbor as yourself comes from Helail" lived 40 years before Jesus.

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