Thursday, January 07, 2016

End of the world: God NOT climate change will cause apocalypse, says poll

NEARLY a third of people believe God - not natural disasters, nuclear war or climate change - will cause the end of the world, according to the results of an poll.

PUBLISHED: 15:52, Thu, Jan 7, 2016 | UPDATED: 16:39, Thu, Jan 7, 2016

We asked what would bring about the end of mankind

Our survey asked for readers' views on what would bring about the demise of mankind, after we reported yesterday how scientists said there was a very real chance of a catastrophic super volcano eruption in the next 80 years.

Out of those who voted by today, 31 per cent (2,457) said God would be responsible for finishing off mankind.

But those thinking it would be severe storms and floods caused by climate change came in at an incredible ZERO per cent.

According to the Bible and devout Christians after the Second Coming of Christ, the Rapture will unfold, when all true believers in God will be resurrected to join those who are still alive to meet God in the heavens.

For anyone else it will be "the end of days," it is claimed.


Hand of God: Could the Rapture actually happen?

Readers were given ten possible options of what would bring about the end of the human race.

Second highest was the super volcanoes category - the subject of the original story - which 17 per cent of people went for.

Closely behind this at 15 per cent were the optimists who said nothing would kills off humans as "we always find a way".

While 11 per cent of respondents thought overpopulation would bring about the end and 10 per cent thought nuclear war would be the cause.

Only seven per cent of people believe an asteroid or comet would be responsible for the end of mankind, with six per cent going for a viral pandemic.


The end has been nigh for as long as we can remember

He is the only one that foretold his plan for this world from the beginning and it has been 100 per cent accurate without fail.

Express reader ArthurSr

And two per cent felt solar winds from the sun would rob the Earth of it's atmosphere and just one per cent thinking massive earthquake and tsunamis would be enough to kill us all off.

Some 7,927 readers took part in the poll.

One reader, calling himself ArthurSr, commented after our poll: "Why do people all freak out about the end of the world?

"Read the Bible. The End was already established from the beginning.

"That is how you can know and trust the word of God.

"He is the only one that foretold his plan for this world from the beginning and it has been 100 per cent accurate without fail.


Space rocks were not the apocalypse inducer of choice


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