Sunday, January 03, 2016

ISIS releases video of execution of 'five British spies'

ISIS' latest video star is a young boy from the UK whose father is a jihadi fighter and who vows to kill in next release after five 'British spies' are executed on camera 


Propaganda video shows ISIS thugs shooting five men at point blank range
Executioner threatened Prime Minister, calling him a 'slave to White House'
Young boy who appears to be around five said 'we will kill them over there'
British fighter jets began airstrikes on ISIS locations in Syria a month ago
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If you recognise the young boy in the video, email or call 02036153475


PUBLISHED: 09:32 EST, 3 January 2016 | UPDATED: 15:37 EST, 3 January 2016

A young boy with a British accent has threatened the UK with new atrocities in a depraved ISIS execution video in which five spies are killed.

Dressed in military fatigues and a black bandanna bearing the white mark of ISIS, he pointed to the distance and declared: 'We will kill kuffar [non believers] over there.'

In the ten minute long propaganda video, five shackled men dressed in orange jumpsuits 'confessed' to spying for British security services.

One of the masked executioners, who spoke in a clear British accent, threatened David Cameron before killing the unarmed prisoners.

A suspected British boy (pictured) has threatened the UK with new terror attacks in a depraved ISIS execution video

ISIS also threatened David Cameron in the gruesome video in which it executes five suspected spies

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