Sunday, January 31, 2016

NWO: the Vatican's objective for its climate change agenda & DiCaprio's role

Published on Jan 31, 2016

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On January 28, 2016, actor Leonardo DiCaprio showed the whole world where his allegiance was when he kissed, in worship, the Jesuit pope’s ring on three occasions. He’s the example of the world wondering after the beast in Revelaiton 13:3.

His meeting with pope Francis follows his speech on climate change at the United Nations in September 2014 which was followed almost a year later to the day by Jesuit pope Francis’ speech on the same topic at the United Nations.

Many people are unaware of the sinister reasons behind the present Pope’s pushing of climate change all over the world and especially in the United States via his pawn Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.

Sadly, most people don’t read their Bibles and so this climate change agenda is going to be very effective in getting most people to stand in line in agreement with the Pope about “doing something” to get the Lord to stop the calamities.

Climate change was prophesied. But not in the way the Pope is claiming! Floods, droughts, etc. are God’s judgments on earth. There were droughts in Moses’ and Elijah’s day. There was the great worldwide flood in Noah’s day. Both were of God’s judgment on humanity for their sins, which represent the transgression of God’s immutable law, His holy and eternal ten commandments.

Today, we see droughts and especially floods worldwide as a sign of God’s judgment on humanity for their sins. These signs of God’s judgment are harbingers to His seven plagues which will fall on those who will take the mark of the Vatican beast (Revelation 16).

For more information on the mark of the beast and the plagues of God, please watch the videos on these two topics on this channel.

It won’t be long now before Christ’s return.

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