Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pope: Sunday Law benefits Poor,.. Ben Carson Scoffs NSL, Demotes Ellen White

Pope: Sunday Law benefits Poor, Help Poor or Go to Hell. Ben Carson Scoffs at NSL, Demotes Ellen White

Published on Jan 31, 2016

“Duty, stern duty, has a twin sister, which is kindness. If duty and kindness are blended, decided advantage will be gained; but if duty is separated from kindness, if tender love is not mingled with duty, there will be a failure, and much harm will be the result. Men and women will not be driven, but many can be won by kindness and love. Brother S has held aloft the gospel whip, and his own words have frequently been the snap to that whip. This has not had an influence to spur others to greater zeal and to provoke them to good works, but it has aroused their combativeness to repel his severity.” {3T 108.2}


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