Friday, January 15, 2016

The Republican Debate: A "Latin Affair"

A "Latin Affair"

What was most notable, yet subtle about the Republican Presidential Debate in Charleston N.C. on 1-14-2016, was the overrepresentation of the Latin Element...
Latin as in the language spoken by the Romans; Latin as the official language of the Roman Catholic Church; and Latin as in the people descended politically and culturally from the Romans and their Church/State, such as Italy, Sicilly, Spain, and "Latin America".

*The Republican Presidential Candidates were (l to r ), Kasich, Christie, Rubio, Trump, Cruz, Carson, Bush.

*The Moderators were Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo.

The Latin Presence

Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo, a couple of people of Italian descent.

The two Cuban-American Republican Presidential Candidates flanked Donald Trump;
Marco Rubio on the left, and Ted Cruz on the right..

As I continue to analyze the event and its Latin overtones, I focus on the Romance Languages derived from Latin. As we translate the Last Names (Surnames) of the Two Latinos: Cruz and Rubio, we confirm that the event was a "Latin Affair". In Spanish Rubio means Blonde, and Cruz means Cross. So, can you see the Latin Theme of the Debate?

As we look even further all these words are originally from a Latin root:
Republican Presidential Debate Candidates.

Can you see it now?


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