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Rick Wiles: Mr. Pope, tear down that wall!


Published on Feb 18, 2016


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In historic, unprecedented twin actions, the Roman Catholic Pope intervened in American politics.
Pope Francis held a Roman Catholic Mass on the US/Mexico border on Wednesday. He used the religious event to make a political statement in support of the mass migration of illegal immigrants into the USA. Today, the Roman Pontiff crossed the line again by denouncing Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Seventy thousand Roman Catholics gathered yesterday in an open air mass in the Mexican border city of (Soo-dad Guar-ez) Ciudad Juarez across the Rio Grande River from El Paso Texas.
Prior to starting Mass, Pope Francis stood atop a ramp that overlooks the Rio Grande. The site is a famous access point for people seeking illegal entry into the United States of America. Thousands of American Catholics also stood on the Texas side of the river to watch the Pope.
While addressing the crowd, Pope Francis describe mass migration as a human tragedy because people are forced to leave their homelands unwillingly. He denounced what he called the “globalization of indifference” toward migrants. The Catholic leader also railed against US immigration policies.
The Roman Catholic leader ventured again into American politics today with scathing remarks about Donald Trump’s support for a wall along the US -Mexico border. Speaking with news reporters on his flight back to Rome, Pope Francis accused the billionaire businessman of not being a Christian.
When asked about Mr. Trump’s vow to build a wall to block illegal immigrants, the Pope said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,"
Mr. Trump responded to the Pope’s political attack by saying the Pope would have a different attitude if ISIS attacks Vatican City. Here is Mr. Trump’s comments….


I have a message for the Jesuit Pope: Keep your nose out of America’s elections. As a religious leader, you had no business encouraging people to break the immigration laws of our nation. Instead of denouncing America’s efforts to protect her borders, you should have lectured the people about their obligation to obey the laws. Second, Mr. Pope, you have no business interfering in American politics. You have the audacity to say that Donald Trump is not a Christian because he has vowed to enforce our nation’s immigration laws, yet you encouraged people to break our laws by illegally entering America. Perhaps you are the one is isn’t acting like a Christian. Christians don’t encourage others to commit criminal acts. Both your actions and words in (Soo-dad Guar-ez) Cuidad Juarez were meant to embolden tens of thousands of people to break America’s immigration laws. Shame on you Mr. Pope. You also spoke about mass migration as a human tragedy because people are forced to leave their homelands unwillingly. Sorry, Pope Francis, you are wrong. There are no wars in Central America. There is no religious persecution in Central America. All the Central American and South American nations are Roman Catholic. Nobody is torturing Catholics in Latin America. They are willingly traveling by their own free will to the Mexican border to illegally enter the USA. Nobody is forcing them to migrate to the Mexican border. They are doing it so they may illegally enter America. America’s immigration laws won’t prevent them from entering the nation legally. Law abiding immigrants have always been welcome in America. My daughter-in-law is an immigrant. She came to America the legal way. She filed the forms and waited for approval. She did not break the law to get into the USA. Why can’t your Roman Catholic followers in Central America do the same thing? Why don’t you teach them to obey the law? You’re the Pope. They’ll listen to you.

I have one more thing to say to you Mr. Pope. I looked at photographs of Vatican City in Rome. Vatican City is surrounded by massive walls. The 110 acre city state that you rule as a sovereign king is a walled enclave within the city of Rome. It looks like a medieval fortress.

Furthermore, Vatican City – as the world’s tiniest nation state – has the world’s most restrictive immigration laws. 800 people live in Vatican City, but only 450 have citizenship. Most of them are cardinals. Others are members of your army- the Swiss Guards. Few Vatican City citizens are women. Isn’t it time you reform the Vatican City immigration laws? Open the gates and let the huddled masses in!


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