Monday, February 15, 2016

What Antonin Scalia's death really reaveals.

Feb 15, 2016

On Saturday morning, February, 13, 2016, Supreme Court Justice (since1986) Antonin Scalia was discovered non responsive and without a pulse, in his guest room at an exclusive Texas Resort , then pronounced dead by natural causes. According to the people who found Scalia deceased, he had a pillow over his head.

Besides the mysterious scenario surrounding Scalia's demise, a more inportant issue stands out like a sore thumb regarding the religious beliefs of the current Supreme Court's Justices. In a country overwhelmingly Protestant (now called Evangellicals). There are no PROTESTANTS on the nations highest court

Chief Justice Roberts - Roman Catholic
Justice Scalia - Roman Catholic (Deceased)
Justice Thomas - Roman Catholic
Justice Alito - Roman Catholic
Justice Kennedy - Roman Catholic
Justice Sotomayor - Roman Catholic

The other 3 are all Jewish:

Justice Ginsburg
Justice Breyer
Justice Kagan

RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION. That's the real deal.
Everything else is besides the point.
Whether a Judge is Conservative or Liberal is immaterial.

As Sherlock Holmes (the fictitious detective) would say: "Elementary Watson"!

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