Monday, April 18, 2016

Religion must be key part of foreign policy, says Madeleine Albright


WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Madeleine Albright, former U.S. secretary of state, said she grew up in a generation that was taught to "keep God and religion as separate as possible from foreign policy."

But that's certainly not her view.

In fact, she's adamant that religion must be at the table in foreign policy discussions.

In an April 7 lecture at Georgetown University, she told students and faculty members who filled a campus hall that the greatest modern challenge is to "build bridges of understanding and tolerance."

"There are some who might want to engage in such a bridge-building effort without bringing religion into the conversation -- to them I say, 'Good luck,'" she added.

Albright's lecture kicked off the 10th anniversary celebration of Georgetown's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs. The former diplomat is currently the Michael and Virginia Mortara Endowed Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. She joked that you could write an entire book on the subject of religion and international relations, which she did, 10 years ago. It was titled "The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God and World Affairs."

"That had nothing controversial in it," she told the crowd, laughing.

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