Friday, May 06, 2016

In Deeply Divided Chicago, Most Agree: City Is Off Course

Slide Show | Chicago Divisions Follow Racial and Geographical Lines

Many blacks see Chicago as a hostile city that is not a good for children. Whites are also critical of the city, but more positive overall.

MAY 6, 2016

CHICAGO — The people of Chicago are deeply riven by race, class and neighborhood, distrustful of the police, fearful of the growing rate of violent crime and united chiefly in their disapproval of the mayor’s performance and their conviction that the city is headed down the wrong track.

These are among findings of a newsurvey by The New York Times and the Kaiser Family Foundation, which polled residents of a city that has been upended in recent months by revelations of questionable actions by the police, threats of a teachers’ strike, a school funding crisis and an uptick in violence.

The poll finds broad discontent with the police and those charged with overseeing them, particularly among African-Americans. Residents expressed concerns about racial bias in shootings by officers and many show ambivalence about whether calling the police will ease situations or not make a difference.

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