Sunday, June 19, 2016

NBC, CBS Declare: 'Familiar Ritual' for Obama to be 'America's Pastor'

June 17, 2016 | 12:31 AM EDT

President Barack Obama was in Orlando, Florida Thursday to pay his respects to victims of Sunday’s terrorist attack and push for more gun control in the process. And the liberal news networks were happy to aide with his agenda on their evening news programs. “It has become a familiar ritual of a current national tragedy,” lamented NBC’s Lester Holt starting offNightly News, “The president of the United States traveling to embrace survivors and grieving family members after an act of mass violence.

““Grief beyond description”-- those were the words of President Obama late today after meeting with families of the fallen from the Orlando nightclub massacre,” stated CBS’s Scott Pelley to begin Evening News. Pelley echoed Obama asking, “Why does this keep happening?”

The CBS host went so far as to declare that Obama is America’s pastor saying, “We were reminded today of how many times in recent years a president has been called on to play the role of America's pastor. To lead the nation in prayer for victims of a deadly attack.”

The Spanish-language network, Univision also did their part. “With this one [visit], which makes already 15 times that President Obama has to make this type of visit,” stated anchor Ilia Calderon.

Telemundo brought on Mario Garcia Tellez, the partner of a victim still in critical condition, to help make the push:

My question is how many more deaths it will take for a decision to be made to prevent these kinds of weapons in particular, a device that is capable, up to my understanding, of releasing a volley of 700 bullets in one minute?

[ABC’s World News Tonight was not included in this piece, because their coverage was interrupted by local severe weather reporting]



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