Sunday, June 26, 2016

Satan’s Agents Use Brexit To Achieve Endgame... Andrew Henriques

Satan’s Agents Use Brexit To Achieve Endgame;EU,UN Mayors Join To Fight Climate Change;Put On Armor

Published on Jun 26, 2016

Subjects Addressed: (1) The connection between the first three parts of the armor of God. (0:33)
(2) “Britain votes to leave EU, Cameron quits, markets rocked.” (6:05)
(3) European Union is controlled by the Papacy. (6:28)
(4) The EU Flag was conceived by a Roman Catholic. The twelve stars on the EU flag are a homage to her. (8:06)
(5) Brexit is another fulfillment of Daniel 2:42, the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken. (10:56)
(6) Brexit will further weakened the global financial economy. It will be used to bring about Satan’s Endgame. See The Great Controversy, page 590. (13:05)
(7) Satan is using Brexit to develop scoffers. (18:05)
(8) The Lord has given to us the following statement to help us to make sense of Brexit and what will happen next. See The Great Controversy, pages 444,445. Additionally, Pope Francis: “As such, the journeEducationqnism is not just about relations between Christian denominations. It is much more than this and is a sign for the world and for peace in the world.” (21:35)
(9) Satan’s Endgame is being fulfilled. “Today, the two biggest coalitions of cities in the world – the EU-based Covenant of Mayors and the UN-backed Compact of Mayors – are forming an alliance to link more than 600 million city dwellers in the fight against climate change…Our new alliance, now called the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, will provide unprecedented support for city efforts and accelerate progress against climate change in a number of ways, including: The Global Covenant will link more than 7,100 cities, representing more than 600 million people, in one unified effort to address the causes and impacts of climate change. Cities will speak with one clear, coordinated voice, sending a strong signal to national governments…” (27:39)
(10) Brexit shows us that we are on schedule for the fulfillment of the mark of the beast and that it is the people who will vote and demand it, according to Revelation 13:13-15. Additionally, “Britain’s exit from the European Union shocked global markets…The vote could be a sign that major democracies are vulnerable to the influence of populist political movements.”
Pope Francis stated in regards to Britain’s exit from the European Union via a referendum: “The ‘will of the people’ must be respected.” See The Great Controversy, page 592. (33:18)
(11) World is looking to Pope Francis as the man of peace and safety. “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry extended his official congratulations to Francis, thanking him for his role in renewing the country’s diplomatic ties with Cuba as well has his efforts to facilitate dialogue between the Colombian government and FARC rebels.” “The Pope also expressed his satisfaction over the signing of a ceasefire in Columbia between the government and the FARC rebels.” (47:17)
(12) Since we are in this warfare, we must put on the third part of the armor of God, preparing and proclaiming the gospel of peace, the gospel of the atonement.

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