Thursday, July 21, 2016

Father Nicolás: audacity, imagination and courage to our mission

The following is a Google Translate version of an article in Italian:

Father Nicolás: audacity, imagination and courage to our mission

The Superior of the Jesuit Father Adolfo Nicolás

20/07/2016 14:55

"I hope that the fruits of the Congregation are better religious life in the spirit of the Gospel and a new ability to imagine the approach to our mission." This is what Father Adolfo Nicolás Pachón hopes, General Superior of the Society of Jesus, in presenting the 36th General Congregation which will open in Rome on October 2. This was reported by the agency Sir.

Father General outlined his expectations "After Vatican II, it was necessary to reformulate many aspects and dimensions of religious life and this is what has happened from the 31st to the 35th General Congregation. Congregations have undertaken this task and, with more or less success, they changed the methodology for incorporating this aspect of the new times in the Church. " "Now we can start to deal once again the tasks that belong to a congregation of this kind and of such high numbers," continues Fr Nicolás, according to which "a congregation is not intended to produce, commonly, long documents. It is rather the whole Society, to discern how perfect our religious life and how to improve our service to the Church and the Gospel in the 'service of souls' ".

The needs of the Society of Jesus for his mission to the Father General, "there is a new awareness in the Society of need of boldness, imagination and courage to face our mission as part of the larger mission of God for our world". (RP)


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