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Loose Language of President Obama and Minnesota Governor Dayton Instigating Race War

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Author: Bob Webster
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Date: July 8, 2016

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Loose Language of President Obama and Minnesota Governor Dayton Instigating Race War

Racially tinged remarks implying racist police responsible for recent deaths are breeding more deadly racial violence.

The racist remarks of Barack Obama and Minnesota's Democrat Governor Mark Dayton have contributed to racial tensions that led to two snipers shooting ten Dallas law enforcement officers, killing five of them. These ill-conceived remarks could well escalate violence to a tragic nationwide race war. This is the consequence of putting political posturing above truth, honor, and decency by allowing so-called "demonstrators" to stage anti-police rallies with impunity.

President Obama spoke about two separate recent shootings involving police officers and Black victims.

Instead of urging patience and offering federal assistance in the investigative effort to discover the facts surrounding these shootings, Obama encouraged people to jump to conclusions based solely on racial considerations. In so doing, Obama fanned the flames of racial tensions. Speaking of the shootings, he said: "These are not isolated incidents, they are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."

To what "racial disparities" does Obama refer? Crime statistics that reveal a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by Black men? The animosity that exists between law enforcement officers of any racial makeup and a large segment of Black communities? Or the lack of cooperation of many Blacks with police investigating crimes in their own neighborhoods?

On its face, Obama's statement is racist. As with prior shootings during Obama's two terms, Obama is quick to play the race card whenever a Black is the victim, assuming racism must have played a role because that fits his narrative. It couldn't have been poor police training, or failure to obey instructions from a law enforcement officer -- no, in Obama's world, if the victim is Black, and police are involved, it's always racism. That is, of course, unless no minorities are among the victims. In that case, Obama is quick to condemn guns. Now, with the deadly sniper shootings in Dallas, Obama has an opportunity to condemn both. But if the shooters are found to be Black, will Obama condemn their actions as racist?

Another Democrat politician, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, had to chime in with his uncalled for and appalling racist remark, "Would this have happened if those passengers would have been white? I don't think it would have."

Well, one thing is certain, Dayton has no crystal ball and is not a mind-reader. He has no idea what were the root causes of the tragedy that resulted in the loss of two Black lives. He merely assumed racism was involved without thinking of or caring about the consequences of his flippant remark.

Dayton's assumption of racism overlooks the distinct possibility that the deaths did not stem from racism, but from other factors that can be determined by proper and patient investigation, a course that would allow deficiencies in training or procedure to be corrected.

Instead, Dayton decided he could gain some attention by assuming it couldn't have been poor procedures or a victim with an illegal gun resisting arrest. It justhad to be racism.

The racist remarks of President Obama and Governor Dayton were clearly chosen to whip up racial tensions. They were the foolish statements of small men and embarrassing to their constituents.

And, to what end?

How politically convenient it would be for Democrats if our nation were thrown into widespread racial war. Democrats and their news media PAC would have a field day doing what they do best. Lying. They would mercilessly blame Donald Trump and Republicans for the violence perpetrated at Democrats' instigation, hoping this will put aside any focus on the criminal acts of Hillary Clinton.

And how convenient to Democrats that racial tensions are rising just at a time when we are becoming ever more vulnerable to ISIS attacks in the United States.

And who is responsible for allowing agents of ISIS easy access to the US?

Democrat politicians, who consistently stonewall efforts to tighten border security.

Earlier Thursday, Sen. Reid spouted vile lies and saw to it that his partisan followers would block passage of a law that would have prohibited sanctuary cities and provided mandatory stiff penalties to illegal immigrants who commit violent felonies. Democrats nearly universally fell into line to block passage of those laws.

Apparently, Democratic Party insiders believe both inciting racism and porous immigration are among the acceptable tactics that serve their partisan quest to acquire and hold on to power. The end justifies the means.

How convenient to Democrats that Obama has released Islamist "refugees" in disproportionate numbers into targeted Republican states. Is it far-fetched to believe Obama is facilitating a combination of ISIS terrorist violence and "Black Lives Matter" racial violence?

The two were recently linked when ISIS leaders instructed their agents not to target minorities (in other words, to target Whites).

As if on cue, late Thursday evening, two snipers shot ten law enforcement officers in Dallas, TX, during what had otherwise appeared to be a peaceful effort to calm racial tensions. Five officers are dead, four Dallas Police officers and one Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) police officer. Five other officers were injured.

The well-planned Dallas sniper attack could have been just another act of domestic Shariest Islamic terrorism. Or it may represent the fruits of the racist remarks of Governor Dayton and President Obama's ill-conceived fanning of racial tensions while visiting Poland. A proper investigation will determine the motivation, not some politicians flippant remark

Since only police officers were targeted in the shootings, if it is determined that the motivation was Black racism focused on law enforcement officers, the blood of those officers is, in part, on the hands of both Dayton and Obama for their racially-tinged remarks.

And this may only be the beginning.

Had Dayton and Obama urged patience and calm rather than fanning flames of racial tension, and had racial agitators not been encouraged by those remarks, those ten dedicated law enforcement officers could well have had an uneventful evening..

There are consequences to flippant remarks designed to create a political issue to distract people.

Just as there must be consequences to jeopardizing national security by callous disregard for requirements to safeguard highly classified information.

Given the racial agitating of Minnesota's Governor and President Obama and the racial targeting of Whites by ISIS, it may well be that the United States is already involved in the early stages of a domestic racial war.

Sadly, many people are either oblivious to or in denial of the obvious part intemperate racially-tinged remarks by Democrat politicians play in fomenting the violence.

That could change. Quickly.

Bob Webster

WEBCommentary (Editor, Publisher)

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