Saturday, July 30, 2016

San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce host active shooter training



SAN ANTONIO - After the deadly attacks at an Orlando nightclub last month, San Antonio's LGBT Chamber of Commerce teamed up with one organization to provide active shooter training.

“It is not just the disgruntled employee now it is also terrorist attacks,” says Ryan Searles, Espada Services training manager.

Searles is teaching others how to stay safe right here in San Antonio.

“Reinforce security and be prepared for an event like this,” he says.

Manny Cosme, one of the training attendees, says he thinks about the dangers often.

“It is very scary I think it is definitely on the fore front of people's minds.”

Just last weekend, Cosme says he was at a nightclub when the fear came to him.

“There was a moment where I stopped and in the back of my mind it was like oh my gosh this is what happened at that night club a few weeks ago,” explains Cosme.

According to Searles, the biggest factor is being aware of surroundings and to look for exits.

“How do you respond what do you do to get out of the situation and survive it.”

Searles also says it is important to pay attention to signals.

“Avoid is if you can get away from the situation get away from the shooter do so.”

Members of San Antonio’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce say they are beyond thankful for the training Thursday night.

“At least now we can refer to something,” adds Cosme.

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