Sunday, August 28, 2016

Festival of Peace. Burkini Crisis. Catholic Vote '16. No Religious Exemption for Vaccines. Jesuit - SDAs

Published on Aug 27, 2016

Subjects Addressed: (1) The seventh part of God’s armor—Watch and Pray for Ourselves and Others. “Watch, Pray, and Work.”
(2) Fear is being used to bring about a one world government and religion, the mingling of Iron and Miry Clay. (11:30)
(3) Pope headed to Assisi to take part in “Festival of Peace” to unite civil leaders, religious leaders, and “nones.” (17:30)
(4) U.S. Catholic leaders and some of Iran's top religious figures issued a joint declaration: "We remain gravely concerned by the spread of extremist ideologies, often fueled by superficial and erroneous readings of religious texts, that negate the inherent worth and dignity of every person, regardless of religious belief," it continued. "We call upon religious and community leaders to confront the spread of such ideologies that induce sectarianism.” (21:25)
(5) “Nicolas Sarkozy Promises Nationwide Ban Of Burkinis If Elected” “The best way to ease tensions is to proscribe any outward signs of religion” in the public space. (27:30)
(6) “The Catholic vote in 2016.” “But they are important because they have voted for the winner of the popular vote in almost every presidential election since Theodore Roosevelt [1901 -1909].” “More than half of all U.S. Catholics (52 percent) would cast a vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton if the election were held today, compared to just 32 percent for Republican Donald J. Trump… Stephen Bannon had accused the Catholic Church of supporting immigration reform only to boost its own membership. I understand why Catholics want as many Hispanics in this country as possible, because the church is dying in this country, right? If it was not for the Hispanics.” (36:08)
(7) A federal judge won’t immediately block a California law that requires all schoolchildren to be vaccinated and is one of the strictest in the nation for eliminating exemptions based on religious and personal beliefs…A lawsuit filed by 17 families and two foundations sought an injunction while the lawsuit works its way through the courts. The law went into effect July 1 and eliminated religious and personal beliefs as reasons for opting out of the state’s mandatory immunizations…The ruling Friday by U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw in San Diego comes as the law faces its first test with the end of summer break. It requires all children be vaccinated before attending private or public schools or day care facilities unless doctors determine medical reasons for not doing so. Sabraw wrote in his ruling that “case law makes clear that States may impose mandatory vaccination requirements without providing for religious or conscientious objections.” Parents have argued the law violated a child’s constitutional right to an education. Those who sued pointed out that 47 states allow either a religious or personal belief exemption from school vaccination mandates. (48:10)
(8) “Dr. Ben Carson: No ‘Philosophical’ or ‘Religious’ Exemptions for Vaccinations.” (56:45)
(9) “Pew: Americans giving up on God, miracles.” A quarter of Americans have no religious ties as no time for church, disapproval at clergy sex scandals and a disbelief are blamed for the lack of faith. About a quarter of Americans are considered a 'religious none,' or people who are not affiliated with any religious group, says Pew Research Center. Of these people, half say they left because of a lack of belief. The majority of this group say they were 'disenchanted' with religion. About one fifth of people say they left because they dislike 'organized religion’. The number of people who left a religious life has gone from 16 percent in 2007 to 23 percent by last year. (1:12:20)
(10) Let the workers grasp the promises of God, saying, "Thou hast promised, 'Ask, and ye shall receive.' I must have this soul converted to Jesus Christ." Solicit prayer for the souls for whom you labor; present them before the church as objects for the supplication. It will be just what the church needs, to have their minds called from their little, petty difficulties, to feel a great burden, a personal interest, for a soul that is ready to perish. Select another and still another soul, daily seeking guidance from God, laying everything before Him in earnest prayer, and working in divine wisdom. As you do this, you will see that God will give the Holy Spirit to convict, and the power of the truth to convert, the soul.” {MM 244.4}.

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