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Italy: choose Jesuits new order line

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Italy: choose Jesuits new order line

Ignatius of Loyola - AP

22/09/2016 16:00

The Jesuits opened on Sunday 2 October in Rome its General Congregation. It involves the highest collective management body of almost 500 years old Order, the Pope Francis belongs. When opening service on October 2, at 17.30, in the church Il Gesu 215 religious delegates will concelebrate from around the world, such as the Jesuit Curia in Rome announced on Thursday. The Superiors of the Jesuits come in the following days in the Kongregations auditorium at the Roman Borgo Santo Spirito to their full session and then a new superior general will choose.
It is the 36th General Congregation in history founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1534 Order. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit at the head of the Catholic Church.

Reigning Superior General, Adolfo Nicolas Pachon (80), had announced two years ago to try in 2016 to resign his office. After the head of the Provinces have the resignation formally adopted - what to expect - the General Congregation must select a new line. The Jesuits are 17,300 members of the largest male order of the Catholic Church.

The Jesuits are now active in 125 countries around the world. The community, founded with his companions in Paris Inigo (Ignatius) Lopez de Loyola on August 15, 1534 wearing a correct name the name "Societas Jesus" (Society of Jesus / SJ). Jesuits are no monks, they lead a monastic life, and they do not wear religious clothing. Besides poverty, celibacy and obedience they undertake in a fourth vow to special obedience to the Pope. They also put on an additional promise not to strive for church ministries.

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