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CAVUTO: “Former Republican governor, John sununu. What do you think of this?”

SUNUNU: “You used the right technical term. You said kind of hinting. This letter was kind of hitting, and I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere legally. It might but I doubt it. And I think Republicans have to be careful because in or two three days you may get a Comey, never mind, but it does provide a political reality, and in the context of the Wikileaks e-mails that are out there I think the Republicans ought to put is as part of the culture of corruption that is involved in the Clinton operation.

CAVUTO: “Do you think this will be resolved one way or the other in a few days?”

SUNUNU: “I doubt it. I doubt it. But there is always the possibility. And you must operate at if there is a possibility. And that is why I suggest that the focus be on the climate of corruption that’s adds to and that the climate of corruption that starts at the Clintons go toes the democratic national committee, where they stuck it to Bernie — and it’s really oozing down to local campaigned. I have a sound running for governor and the democratic candidate wouldn’t discuss irvs associated with the certain contract and re-open them. Nobody could figure it out. And then the found out he took 40,000 decide from the people that took it. There’s a culture of corruption that perfect E permeates the democratic process across the country. They’re attacking candidates on personal things and the Clintons have empowered this.”

CAVUTO: “Now, you’re quite right, always a possibility that the director comes forward and says, I’ve conditioned this and tried to be aware thief calendar and the time it is resolved. Even if that is not the case, the fact of the matter is, it was through an outside case that these e-mails came to light and I would imagine, governor, Americans who look as this who might not be in the weeds as you and I might be, they just look at this and say, this again. It’s a separate investigation. Into someone else and just seems like very complicated weeds, and all going back to the same issue of trust.”

SUNUNU: “Just think of what you’re saying if the clip tops may have become immune to all the corruption because there’s so much corruption. The Republicans have to deal with that. They have to put it into context and have to talk specifically. And this Bill Clinton inc. E-mail that came out from band is to me the. Classic smoking gun, if you will, on how the Clintons —“

CAVUTO: “Let me ask you, I know it’s is a political year. But we’re learning as well, governor, the White House indicated that it was not given any heads up on this FBI announcement, nor was anyone at the State Department, nor apparently any Clinton campaign officials. What do you make of all of that?”

SUNUNU: “I think there’s at least a little component of cover your butt in it, and I think the director Comey has to deal with certainly a large number of FBI agents who thought the mishandled the other one and I think he is just trying to — as part of this, thought the should do it the way you describe, without notifying anybody, so that he is not accused of having given them advance warning.”


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