Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Foreword to "Jesuit Social Justice versus Le Droit Des Gens..."

Jesuit Social Justice versus Le Droit Des Gens: The Global Estate versus Nation States


Will 8 November 2016 be our BREXIT? At this late hour during the 2016 POTUS Election cycle, with the Methodist Eastern Star Hillary Rodham Clinton JD and Jesuit Timothy Richard Kaine JD versus Jesuit trained Presbyterian 32nd degree Freemason Donald John Trump and Evangelical Protestant Michael Richard Pence JD, no one else has expressed alarm this year as to Jesuit control over Romanism and Freemasonry — Identical Babylonian Systems; and as such, Undersigned humbly provides an overview and brief explanation for further reading with reasons to support Donald J. Trump, a genuine nationalist as intended under the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648 versus the Global Estate. 

This election cycle matter is properly characterized as the last election in the demise of this Constitutional Representative Republic nation state. However, the demise of our nation state started on July 4, 1776 when the Founders made the ill conceived compromise with the wealthy slave trading Maryland Carroll Family threats that redactions to the Declaration of Independence be done or else they would not help to finance the American Revolution against the Parliament, and were the founders to insist on eliminating both the adherence to the King (Parliament) as well as slavery. The banned outlaw instigator Fr. John Carroll S.J., the first Roman Catholic Bishop of the Colonies, through his agents warned "it would be one or the other but not both". As such, given the ever current machinations of Jesuit Social Justice, which is neither, the compromise mechanism acting against the Law of Nations remains timely and central for us to launch a defense against our Nation's enemies. We need to ban the Society of Jesus (a.k.a "the Company", "Jesuits") as done in 1773, when the Jesuits were suppressed by Pope Clement XIV, through the Papal brief Dominus ac Redemptor on July 21, 1773, executed August 16. 

That further reading will sustain that the Undersigned is not as critical of the present form of Romanism and Freemasonry as its members themselves are, and as such is central to our survival in a free nation state with a government of by and for the free People, who alone separate from the government per se, are under God who has given each human his or her rights.

Respectfully yours,

Christopher Earl Strunk in esse Sui juris Executor and beneficiary agent of the Estate of the Posterity of the United States of America

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